Are you good at picking a mouse? (X)

Are you good at picking a mouse? (X)

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When moms are talking about diapers, it's probably the conversation's lead in thinking about whether or not the pelus is leaking, and whether the rub remains clean. If you look at your baby's interests, this approach leaves something to be desired after you.

26,280 ounces - This is the amount of time a child will spend in a diaper when she is 3 years old. As room cleanliness is becoming more and more permissive, and the whole principle of "non-exercise" is being enacted here, too, the diaper era has slowly moved away. No matter how nappy you spend this long period of time, the nappies you use will dictate the health of your baby and the health of your butt skin. It is no coincidence that this is always a cardinal request even before the child is born, and afterwards in particular.

Be alright!

If we were to ask 100 mother-in-law what she thinks is good pelus, I would probably say 90: the content doesn't spill out. Of course, from the point of view of doing things for mothers, this is an important consideration, as who misses another dose of baby clothes besides the smudged, dirty heap of scrumptious paper. Although many people neglect it, the most important aspect is the internal protection, that is, the inside of the diaper should be dry! This ensures protection of the baby's butt, and at the same time a little peace of mind, peaceful awakening, play, sleep.

Your diaper can also help with your sleep

The sleep phases of infants are shorter than those of adults. Even though the adults are approx. They spend 1.5 hours in deep sleep, the smallest only about 50-60 minutes. A mild sleep phase, or transition to an active phase, is a critical point when the baby wakes up easily, especially when there is some disturbance. This includes not only the pee but also the wet pelus inside.

An active sleep phase (REM phase) lasts about 10 minutes, but overall, overnight, it is a much larger part of a baby's sleep than adults. It has a function because, with increased cerebral blood flow, the brain is really developing and processing what you do during the day. During the active phase, frequent nighttime awakenings help the little one meet unexpected demands, for example, when they get hungry, when they are cold, or when there is a damp substance on the skin.
Some of the night awakenings cannot and should not be blocked, but try to eliminate the extraordinary factors that can be eliminated! One of the most common tools for night-time awakenings, even in the night, is that you choose a diaper that will last for a long time.
The Pampers Active Baby-Dry diaper is a good choice in this regard, as it guarantees dry inside up to 12 ounces and, at the same time, dry baby pods.

Good sleep is vital to your baby's development, making the whole family more relaxed if there are no unwanted, avoidable awakenings.