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If you are traveling abroad, it is worth thinking about

If you are traveling abroad, it is worth thinking about

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If you are traveling to the beach, take Shu Shi! Because parasites are also able to enter the child's body through the skin. But you also have to think about the protocols that were filed in time.

How to prepare for a trip abroad?

In a foreign, mostly exotic country, it is worthwhile to consult a travel physician before traveling, as it may take up to six weeks for some injured persons to develop an infection, he said. Zsuzsanna appears infectologist on the M1 channel.The expert mentioned the combination of protection against hepatitis and the veszettsйg vaccine series, in which case it takes about six weeks to develop a defect. He noted: Although the most effective method of protection is actually vaccine against very few diseases, vaccine is very common in exotic countries diarrheal diseases for example, it is only against two. For diseases and infections that are not protected, the traveler should you must be familiar with your infection - He told Zsuzsanna appearsEmphasizing: The best way to travel is to visit a travel physician well before departure, who knows exactly what different landscapes need to be covered, and which diseases occur. : the diarrheal diseases should not be treated automatically with antibiotics, not largely unknown, is a drug purchased in that country because it may cause allergies, sensitivities, and you can also make the bluff. In this regard, too, the traveler specialist should follow the advice if necessary, providing the appropriate antibiotic for the trip ahead of time - he added. If you can't drink tap water in the country, you can get diarrhea from a few ice cubes or from oral water while brushing your teeth in a cheaper restaurant. Or to the number of dogs open beaches are not nude but in shoals it's worth walking in the sand, also for kidsbecause parasites from canine can enter the body through the skin.These articles also relate to this topic:
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