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Flu vaccination during pregnancy? Yes!

Flu vaccination during pregnancy? Yes!

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Thirty years ago, there was no doctor or health care professional who would have vaccinated a pregnant woman.

Flu vaccination in pregnancy? Yes! (photo: iStock)However, in the past 10-20 years, the world has turned a lot: research has proven the safety and effectiveness of (and other) vaccine (s) against influenza. Not only does she protect her mother, she also protects her fetus - not just during pregnancy, but also for the next few months afterwards.

The immune system is weakened in excitement

Even though the researchers could not prove what or exactly how, they observed that pregnant women have weaker immune systems As a result, they are more susceptible to influenza and more likely to develop it than non-influenza patients. The disease is clearly worse if the mother catches it later in the pregnancy. These are often more common in severe cases - high fever, pneumonia, sepsis or, in extreme cases, death.

How does the baby affect maternal flu?

A study published earlier this year that investigated influenza pandemic 2009 mothers found that mothers who had been crippled with influenza were more likely to have low-grade, lower-grade, or early-onset childbirth.

When is it worth to give the vaccine?

Because the it is required two weeks from the date of administration In order to develop the desired immunity, it is advisable to seek protection against the flu of the year in question every summer. In the early weeks of pregnancy, experts recommend that the vaccine, of course, be given to the mother at any time. At this point, professionals emphasize the importance of mother and baby inoculation - think of the other family members, the larger sibling (s), and the families of the family.

Not just during pregnancy

Infants are approx. up to six months of age, they are virtually immune to influenza, as they are susceptible to the disease, but only six months of age can get flu protection. However, if a mother is vaccinated against influenza vaccine, her baby will have a 70% lower probability of influenza and 81% less probability of being infected with influenza than an unvaccinated baby in 2016. The article was based on The New York Times Parenting blog.
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