So refill your vitamin stores in the summer!

So refill your vitamin stores in the summer!

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Take advantage of the summer months and replenish your kids' and our own vitamin stores as one of the foundations of a strong immune system. Fortunately, not only the fruits help, but also the sunlight.

For the first 1000 days, experts have put together some good tips that can keep the summer and can strengthen our children's immune systems .1. The most important in the summer heat is the hidratбciу. Pregnant women need to be aware that they are drinking enough fluids, but it is extremely important for breastfeeding mothers, as they also lose more fluid in the heat, and the baby needs to be raised.2. Breastfeeding requirements for breast-fed infants are also increasing, so you are expecting breastfeeding more than once. Their primary and most important number is still breast milk, but if necessary, boiled tap water or baby water even small ones can be reached.3. Larger kids get to drink several times a day! The recommended daily amount is 100-120 ml / kg. This is worth washing with filtered tap water or carbonated acid free water. Tea (no sugar) and a fresh fruit juices they may also be well thirsty, but avoid succinic and sugary yeasts! Not only do they not quench your thirst, but because of their high sugar content, they also provide an extra source of calories.

So fill up your vitamin stores in the summer (Photo: Europress)

4. More and more green and fruit it is possible that this period of nutrition will be rewarded, as the children will be able to find the tastes they like. It is worth taking advantage of this period and familiarize and appreciate the children with more and more fruits and vegetables, because the vitamins and minerals they contain help maintain a healthy immune system. The greener the fruits are, the higher the vitamin content. These foods need to be prepared more carefully to preserve the vitamin. THE pбrolбst preferring to cook instead of cooking. Fruits can also replace dessert, and in addition to containing less sugar, natural flavors are liked by children.6. It is easier to get your vitamin D intake in the summer. Vitamin D is made by the body in the sunlight and is extremely important for young children due to its beneficial physiological effects. It contributes, for example, to the healthy functioning of the immune system and bones and to cell development.7. 30 minutes a day, possibly after 10 hours, can ensure adequate vitamin D levels. However, it is very important that you follow the rules of sunbathing! Between 11 and 15 o'clock, don't let the kids out for a day, We ow them excessive UV radiation 8. It is important to take advantage of your good time and as much as possible spend more time with the little ones in the open air with games, with movement. Regular, age-appropriate exercise is one of the key components of healthy lifestyle. It prevents obesity, helps the lungs to develop, promotes bone development, and increases brain capacity due to better oxygenation.
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