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Spring time

Spring time

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We left the snowy, cold winter behind. Instead of waking up to spring, being tired and cold, we complain about fatigue. Why do you miss the little and the momentum?

Spring time

The fatigue of spring is probably not a matter of imagination, as we often mention and feel the effect. It plays a role in the darker sunsets in the winter months, due to more frequent infections weak organization. In wisdom, in kindergarten, sickness kills one another. Infants and toddlers do not miss out on families with multiple children, as older people bring home the disease.

Infections and iron

The most important cause of spring fatigue is a weakened body due to repeated infections and the so-called consequent iron deficiency. Because infants need iron for growth, so we organize a part of the iron orbiting the iron into the iron store, into the liver.
If in such a state iron is given to our child because of iron deficiency, we only "fatten" the bacterium, and iron deficiency cannot be eliminated. If the patient has healed, iron therapy may be continued on the advice of a physician after a few days' rest. It all logically follows that those who are often ill are more likely to have iron deficiency and difficulty in exfoliation. It may be necessary to discontinue wilderness for long periods of time in order to improve your child's health, and your child's strength and defensive system to function more effectively.
There are some known agents (capsules, nasal sprays) that, like the principle of immunization, contain pathogens that do not cause disease but stimulate the immune system. These benefits should be given at least one month in the beginning of the infectious season, in September. Multiple controlled studies have shown that this method can reduce the incidence of febrile catarrh by up to a third.


Vitamin stores are more depleted, which also plays a role in spring fatigue. Vitamin C supplementation may be necessary, but be careful not to go to the other side of the body, overdosing will not bring any benefit or even be harmful. A daily intake of 60-200 milligrams of vitamin C is sufficient. If overdosed, they help to develop kidney stones.
Vitamin D is also attributed to the immune system as a stimulant, with no bone loss effect, so let's not forget the right dosage and even more to keep your child up to day in the spring months. We often meet people who are given multiple multivitamin supplements at the same time by their parents. Believe me, one of its kind is enough, and if we sell more than one, we cannot increase the effect!

Sunlight and pineal gland

The focal point of our body's inner urine, the pineal gland, is located in the cerebral plexus. The influence of this tiny body can eliminate the fatigue, fatigue, called "jet-leg", which occurs in long-haul airways, for example. Spring fatigue also plays a role in the development of the pineal gland, since the function of this organ, among others, is dependent on the light. In the Scandinavian countries, long hours of darkness lead to depression for many people. Doctors there recommend "sun therapy" and send the patient to the tropics, the Canary Islands.
We are very late in the summer, and there are sunny days in spring. This is the time we spend more outdoors! By organizing exciting and multi-faceted programs, you can easily overcome fatigue.
Dr. Geresbor Veres Children's Crib

One hell of a day!

The best thing we can do is lose power and get out into the air! We plan a full day trip for the weekend. What matters is not the distance traveled, but the fact that we are outdoors all day, playing ball, catching, wrestling. By its light action, our "inner lungs" work more brightly, and light and movement both stimulate the production of so-called happiness hormones.
Kids who are properly dressed they are outside daily during rainy, cool, windy weather, more resilient, suffer less from changing weather than they were in the room.
  • For children, sauerkraut, apples, yarrow rabbits are also a source of energy and a rich source of vitamins.
  • If you have difficulty waking up in the morning, you can wake up with a little rubbing. With a coarse terry towel, rub your limbs all the way from the middle and from the foot, above the stock, then the chest and back. Finally, finish with a little tickling, and the day begins with a cheerful, active moment.
  • The cold-warm change shower is good for you: ten times as long as the cold lasts as long as the cold. Let it sit under the hot water for five minutes, then let it cool for half a minute under the cool water.
  • Let's find something to do every day: take a walk around the park from home, cook a colorful fruit snack for dinner, or make a fun vegetarian meal for dinner.

  • Spring tiredness can also occur in children
  • The little and the little vitamin kit
  • Napfйnyvitamin-smarties