Lutheran Birth Is Spreading - But Is It Safe?

Lutheran Birth Is Spreading - But Is It Safe?

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More and more women who are expecting a baby are choosing to have a Lotus baby. The birth of the Lutherus is that the baby is not immediately aborted after birth, so that the infant remains connected to the placenta.

More and more, we are choosing Lutean birth

How long? All the while the cord is self-scattered and falls off. This natural process can take more than a week, so those who choose luteal birth must be prepared for the fact that diapering, feeding, moving, and sleeping pills are more likely to result in better results - it contains useful nutrients that the newborn may need to help ease the transition between inside and outside life.According to the latest research, it is really beneficial from a health point of view not to terminate the cord immediately after birth, but to wait 15 minutes with this operation. However, there are risks to luteal birth. You are the placenta, after it is detached, is nothing more than a dead tissue. And because it contains blood, so are bacteria. That's why you need to think about whether your baby really wants to "carry" a bacterial-filled tissue for days ... Experts don't rule out that there will be more and more room for premature babies. Although foam may appear promising, doctors warn: its risks are more than its benefits. It is, in any case, time-consuming to conduct proper research and to provide reliable results on the benefits and disadvantages of luteal birth.These may also be of interest in the subject of cordage:
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