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Wisdom or family sun?

Wisdom or family sun?

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To make it easier to find the place that best suits your child, we have collected the most necessary information about wilderness and family sunshine.

Are you going back to work soon and need child care? Or do you just want your kid to get used to it a bit before getting to school?
To make it easier for you to navigate the world of magic and magic (for the time being) and to make a good decision, we've tried to gather some of the most important information. Andrea Bçrcsцk was an educator at the nursery school, the head of the family, and Olvia Czirok-Csányi, a Bécscséddé small child educator for our help.

In witchcraft, most children find a company

How many kids are in a group?

In worship, we divide children into groups of up to 14-16 people, usually by age. There are two adults dealing with us in groups.
In family diaries, there are up to seven children in a group; if there are fewer children in a group, then one if two or more are grown up. Small groups have the advantage of being able to better address individual needs.

What skills do workers need to have?

It is a condition of worship that children dealing with children should have a parental education. Most of the employees have a high school degree in OKJ and some are graduates.
By law, those who work in family diaries are usually eight, but most of them work as qualified educators or educators, and even educators and speech therapists in many places work with children. If you are unfamiliar with the place, it is worthwhile to ask the workers for their experience and experience.

How much do I have to pay?

In addition, in 2012, in worship, in addition to the payment for meals, you may also request a care allowance, the amount of which is determined by the maintainer of the institution (self-government). This can range from a few thousand forints to as much as 20-30 thousand forints a month.
In many places, the parents' financial situation is taken into account, and there may be other rewards per capita income. Those in need may also receive a discount on the payment of fees. In the family sunshine, all services are billed at an average rate of $ 65,000 per month, plus food.

How many children are they welcoming? When can I join?

Both types of institutions officially accept children from the age of 20 weeks. Generally, you need to sign in to the ward several months before the planned familiarization, and the ward educator year starts in September, but the first kids start coming in August.
In general, it is true that they strive to adapt more flexibly to the needs of parents. Family sunbathing can provide care, care and up to 14 years of age. There are numbers depending on the number of participants you can join each year, or there is a way to have a child on certain days, in cities.

Do Individual Nutrition Needs Be Served?

For the most part, worshipers have no way of providing special meals for small children who are allergic to food or possibly very hungry, and can only cater for special needs with little effort.
In many family days, parents feed the youngest and the most vulnerable at home, and two-three-year-olds eat what they get there. Of course, chickens can only order food from a kitchen that has a childrens license.

How well does your child's age adjust to the agenda?

There is a closed agenda in the wineries, which is tailored to age-specific characteristics. Because relatively many children belong to the same group, they are not welcome to do so. In family sunshine, they tend to be more flexible to individual needs, with family conditions, greater mobility, and low availability.

What development opportunities are available?

Among the worshipers, there are currently only a few capital city development educators. A significant part of the Family Day family organizes on-demand development, foreign language training, a special gymnastics, and, for example, chickens that work in the district can offer the appropriate facilities.

Do you keep it open to you?

Worshipers are usually open from 6am to 6pm. In the family sunshine, you can customize the time of arrival and departure, and pay the extra fee in public. Likewise, the chunk is open to normal eight-hour working hours.
The standards of the institutions can be very different, so whether you are planning to give a little to your wanderlust, or to a family sunbathing, it is advisable to ask in the neighborhood as soon as possible. If you only look at the institutions in the courtyard during your daily walks, you will also find some useful info, such as how much children are out there and how many adults are taking care of them.
There are many things you can learn from other moms and baby moms too. And when you visit for an open day, don't be shy about asking every little thing that comes to your mind so that you have no doubt that your child is in the right place.