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It's wonderful proof that mothers are really cool

It's wonderful proof that mothers are really cool

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It's just unbelievable what this mother does. He had the power to suck on a bigger girl even during the press. Do you need more proof that your mother is a superhero? I do not think so.

The wonderful moment of Kate Neal

Not bad for me, Kate Neal a super mom. The mother-of-two, who had two children, did what few people were able to do: while giving birth to a second child, she did not forget the needs of her older child and did not breastfeed her. A photo taken on featuring Kate a nursing a baby on a cot, spreads virtually on the Internet.The frightening moment Maegan Dougherty the photographer has realized that the photographer is devoid of everything it means to be a mother. The child will always be the first one, no matter what happens to the mother or how the mother feels. " Rowan two times, suckling once or twice a day, but always at the same time. One of the actual dates was just before the real trouble began. When I found it, I knew what they were going through and I was happy to breastfeed and I felt it would help with the birth process. I was right, shortly after breastfeeding my cubs got stronger, and two hours later my smaller baby was born, Sloane. All of this was very special, but it was quite natural for us all. Rowan separated as his little brother arrived in our family. This is a bit bitter for me because I know that many women in tandem are breastfeeding and I have prepared for it too. But Rowan decided on a little baby, which was very good, "said Kate Neal, who had no idea how much the photo in the living room would have on people. She got a lot of positive feedback not only shows the miracle of motherhood, but also what it is breastfeeding can have a strong effect on natural birth"Of course I got a few negative comments during the photo," says Kate Neal, "but it became clear to everyone that breastfeeding was a natural and wonderful thing. What's more important to you It is not easy to find those institutions where you really support natural birth and also ensure that the parent can be present for all that the mother needs.
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