Baby: when, for how long, and why?

Baby: when, for how long, and why?

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Is it recommended to have a baby from the age of one? And how much does it cost us parents? Bea Tolnai bean training instructor helps you navigate the world of baby making.

Baby: when, for how long, and why?Beans are a joy not only for the little ones but also for the parents. In addition to common conditions, baby prayer has a fun effect on parent-child relationships and can also improve the health of your baby. In this, Bea Tolnai was a healing and teaching instructor for bodybuilding and nursing.

When should we start baby?

Baby care You can start at 3 monthsbecause the baby will receive the most important immunizations by then, and her baby's stump will collect completely. By this time, parents are used to how to hold their baby safely, so they can quickly make sure the baby is safe in the water. "Early on, don't give up on this occupation, which somehow fails to get an early start, as babies give up to 3-year-olds with fully inclusive exercise, "Bea said.

Why go to a baby shower?

Baby massage is a complex baby-mom program that combines other programs and activities (such as baby massage, rhythmics, and singing). With baby help, your baby can be transformed from an infant to a toddler so that his or her life is a regular activity, plus you can gain water love and water safety that can save you up to 3 days. The mother and her baby first start home from home for a public program, and can experience an experience where the baby has the sound of a familiar, dull, but still, comforting mother of water. This condition works so well that babies often fall asleep. A period of 6-12 months is a period of intense development of small movements. Singing, reflex movements, rhythmic exercises, and constant balancing with strong and stable muscles all help this rapid movement of the little one. The effect of baby-making in these babies on the dry ground will be more effective in exercising. This kind of experience will make it possible for a child to feel safe in any community later on. The ages of 1-2 years are driven by curiosity. Children are very good observers at this time, who are capable of performing tasks consciously. At this age, underwater immersion is not reflexive. At this point, they need to learn how to hold their breath for the time they are submerged in water. This is the period of motion in the delicate water to prepare for the next phase.The most important task for a baby to die in the age group (2-3 years old) is to prepare for the baby. They are able to get out of the pool with complete certainty, bring toys out of the water, and learn one to one movement with their customized play and exercise tasks. Because they are already big and cuddly, this is a time for them to get to know the glasses and realize the benefits of using them.

When not to go for baby?

"Contraindications are practically only a infectious or flabby condition"said Bea. In all other cases of health, even in the case of birth defects and birth defects, breastfeeding can have a very positive effect on the development of the baby. no, that's why it's important to choose the right educator to be in the best hands.

Who can teach babysitting?

Previously, it had stricter rules on who could hold a baby, as only people with health qualifications could take part in occupational leadership training. Nowadays, sports education training is already done or not."In my opinion, this is not a problem as long as everyone is baby-friendly by their own knowledge," said Bea. At the same time, it is also important to note that it is worthwhile to understand the interdependencies, as it is often the case that a baby from one urn to another starts to protest. In this case, the lack of familiarity can not help these babies and their parents, and this can lead to a break in the water's relationship with the family.

What are the opportunities for parents who want to have a baby today?

Nowadays, parents have many opportunities in the country and in the capital to take their baby to baby. Even at the scene, babysitters can shop. There are places where only little babies turn around and don't use the pool, but you can use the pools of babies and their parents in other places. The methodology of babysitting is also used. There is where there is no singing, and there is yes; there is one where only the parent does the job with the baby, and the instructor is there. It's a good idea to give your time to find the right job for you.

How much (on average) does baby care cost?

Occupation rates are very wide. Occupation prices are around 1500-3500 HUF / occasion, in the capital 2000-5000 HUF / occasion. The duration of the sessions ranges from 30 to 60 minutes.

What Considerations to Consider When Going to Baby?

"Obviously, the price is a choice, but it's important to consider all the other factors as well," says Bea. Let's face it!
  • Who can go in the water?
    There are places where only one miner can enter the water, and there is one where they all grow.
  • How cool is the water?
    Some have 30 degrees of water. Usually, these sites only have 30 minutes of activity, because it's not really ideal for babies.
  • How baby friendly is the site?
    There are also nappies, nursing rooms, and the rest can only be used on loungers.
  • How much attention is paid to the requirements?
    There are places where you pay utmost attention to the previous BBQ prescription - which, unfortunately, is not obligatory - that during the baby's shower and in the previous 1 year, you cannot use the pool's water alone. There are places where we cannot or do not want to observe and adhere to it, and at the same time the baby can be indoors in the pool.
+1 tip Be Tolnl Tolnai: Let's go try out the person personally! Meet the educator, experience the advantages and disadvantages of the place, and choose the one that best suits our needs! The pictures are by Bea Tolnai.
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