A tip not to be a duck - VideoWhat is the left and the right foot?

A tip not to be a duck - VideoWhat is the left and the right foot?

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Your feet are pounding! Swap it, duck! These sentences are uttered for a long time by the family of a small child in the hallway, after the bridegroom is alone in wearing shoes, slippers.


It is not easy to know the difference between left and right hands / feet. This can be most nerve-wracking for your child when it starts with a wicked, ovi, where the expectation of the owls for the flabby footwear, of course, only for the standard version of the footwear. It is much easier to put on a good shoe if you have a tricky help for the little one. . From now on, there is only one step to the correct footwear. You might also want to put a protective film on the sticker to keep it on your shoes. (There are also specialized web clothes where you can get a "sticker" and a cover sheet.) Video of the action against the duck bait:

Why is it important to differentiate between left and right?

An important part of movement development is testsйma its proper development, which is nothing more than the mapping of the spatial relations of the body, the environment, spatial resolution. The first step is to get to know our own body. If you go up and down here, left and right, then you can move on to the environment and its parts. By the time your child goes to school, this is a basic thing. In a large group, particular attention is paid to their aunt's practice of direction. In early school, a mix of left and right is considered by professionals to be a possible sign of dyslexia. You can also find tips on this in our portal.They may also be interested in:
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