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Tesco has withdrawn a poisonous set of children

Tesco has withdrawn a poisonous set of children

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A three-part porcelain portraying Minnie Mouse has been withdrawn from the market by the National Food Chain Safety Authority because of its release of cadmium above the limits.

The problem has been reported by the Czech authorities through the EU Food and Feed Safety Alert System (RASFF). Following the RASFF alert, the affected item shall be immediately withdrawn from the market. According to Йrtesьlйsьnk vбllalkozбs - the kьlfцldi beszбllнtу jelzйse alapjбn - sajбt hatбskцrben you have already intйzkedett, йs took off polcokrуl the termйkeket.A kifogбsolt termйk azonosнtу data: Megnevezйs: Hбrom rйszes porcelбn kйszlet / Disney Minnie Mouse Porcelain 3pce set Tйtelazonosнtу: 70 165 kуd EAN: 8412497701650 Szбrmazбsi Place: Kina Importor: STOR SL Paseo General Martinez Campos, 53, MADRID, SpainIn the products, the Czech authorities measured the cadmium leaching to more than twice the limit. Subject to applicable laws and regulations, materials and articles intended to come into contact with food, and under normal conditions of use, shall not dissolve in such quantities as to endanger human health. NBIHH asks customers not to use it any longer in the household, which has the above identities in the pictures. The trigger value can be influenced by many factors, including the mode of use. Generally speaking, hot food, warming helps to dissolve, so the risk is reduced if you use it at room temperature or possibly dry foods. The kioldуdбs sorбn the kбros materials kitchen eszkцzben kerьlhetnek lйvх йlelmiszerbe, however mosogatбs sorбn possibly mбs the mosogatуgйpben eszkцz will not szennyezхdni.Amennyiben hasznбltak or hasznбlnak, йszlelnek tьnetet йs bбrmilyen, feltйtlenьl turn to the pediatrician, the leнrt above kйszletet йs tбjйkoztassбk the kцzlemйnyben If the used kit was used but there were no symptoms in the child, the likelihood of a health disorder was low. it would be unsuitable for kitchen use due to its release.

What you need to know about cadmium:

Cadmium is an environmental pollutant that is almost ubiquitous in nature. Its compounds are highly poisonous. It is proven to be carcinogenic in the body, primarily in the liver and kidneys. May be liberated from food contact materials, cookware, utensils, improperly made, even in small amounts.