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Let her baby fuck her too!

Let her baby fuck her too!

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It's not easy to change people's minds about boys and girls, and if kids can play any game they like, everyone in the future will only profit.

In a recent Brazilian ad titled "We Can All Care," you may find that little boys play with babies just as enthusiastically and weakly as babies: they change their diapers, feed them, feed them. And, according to the script, these games make us more responsible, and that is why we can become better people. "Baby toys do good for emotional development, communication, and also teaches what respect means," he said. Maria Angelo Barbato, author of child development.Boys can babies too!

But how does dolling affect children - boys, girls?

In their roles, babies' babysitters can "switch": babies, superhounds, singers, pilots, and even the airplane itself. This, in turn, improves children's imagination and communication skills. "When a little kid goes on an adventure with his baby, he makes a story and can develop his abilities like flexible thinking, expression, initiation" - says Jody DeVos, one of the leaders in the children's development department at Mattel Play. Care, kindness, weakness, and empathy are very important qualities that children can have with their babies. In addition, they learn responsibility. In addition, you often have to work with others, even in situations that are stressful. "These moments can be a very good training ground because they prepare children for conflicts they will likely encounter in the first place," says DeVos. even though this can be one of the keys to growing up in a better, more equal world. Instead, we use aggressive games and weapons to wake them up and "dismantle" them from weaknesses, care, and human relationships. Both of them can have access rights! "Healthy people they are able to find the equilibrium. Give your boys the opportunity to develop their own capacity for care and interaction with others, "said Professor of Psychology Jennifer Shewmaker. (Via)You may also be interested in:
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