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More than 3,000 Children Raised in the Sky by Admire Csobot, Bence Goddess and Gergely Kiss Participate in World Record

More than 3,000 Children Raised in the Sky by Admire Csobot, Bence Goddess and Gergely Kiss Participate in World Record

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It wasn't like that! - The Three Kingdoms, the Three Kingdoms Movement, set a world record record over the past three years, raising more than 3,000 small children across the country, according to preliminary figures.

Adél Csobot, Bence Istenes and Gergely Kiss also participated in the world recordThe Family Year program series drew attention to the importance of childhood. Gergely Kiss, Olympic champion in water polo, Csaba Böjte Franciscan monk, Bence Istenes and Adél Csobot were also present at the event. Bence and Adél were not only presenters, they also participated in the world record. Adence Bence was lifted to the top, with her second child already in her stomach. Generations caught up on the weekend and regardless of raising the world record of raised children! The Three Initiatives of the Three Kingdoms, Gergely Bishop of Genesis, the great initiator of the Three Kingdoms, have called attention to how wonderful things are to a child."I'm very focused on sports, so I still feel like this, so I have to stand next to all the important stuff that can have a bit of an effect. Family means everything to me, and besides sports success, they are the greatest happiness in my life. Our youngest child, Olvia, was a planned child, and I feel that her family was complete, I am very happy. we couldn't really ask for more, "said Gergely Kiss, Olympic champion in water polo.
Adél Csobot and Bence Divine, who have recently become disillusioned with the public that their second baby boy is about to arrive, are also enthusiastic about joining the Eucharist program. " don't expect life-altering. Don't be afraid to have a different life - a big change for a small child, but it's a wonderful thing, "Adél began. "This is what I have been experiencing since Natan's birth, and I am happier that I know they will soon be born to a brother. we wanted to have a little bit of age, two and a half years between our kids. We think this is absolutely ideal, and that kids will be able to play more together, "Adob Csobot added.Not only did the organizers move around the country in large numbers thanks to the world record experiment, the participants were delighted with color and music programs in many locations around the country. Even in Budapest, for example, the smaller ones could listen to the Ringatú Family Concert until the older kids could dance to the songs of the Kaláka band with their parents or even their uncles, aunts, grandparents.