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A guide for prospective fathers

A guide for prospective fathers

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You were planning a joint family together, you were excited about the pregnancy test, and maybe you also heard the voice first. But this is just the beginning! How can a man prepare for the months of pregnancy?

Of course, the sweet burden cannot be shifted from the mother, nor can she be prepared for every possible scrapbook, but at the same time it is not difficult to be clear. For example, they start by giving all the attention to the expectant mother and the newborn baby, which often causes tension in the relationship because some of the dads feel superfluous and neglected. According to experts, the earlier and the more complete the involvement of the father in baby killing, the easier it will be for the whole family. Here are some tips for this!What is the prospective daddy preparing for?

Predators for "baby birds"

Sooner or later, the moment comes to prepare the public home for your baby: get furniture, assemble it, possibly paint it, put it out, and make your rooms safer. However, in the past, many changes in the rhythm of the household may occur. For example, a prospective mum will find it harder, slower to perform certain tasks, and may be weaker, fatter. In other words, the couple may have some housework! It is worth learning about washing machine, dishwasher management, and some simple food preparation. Even if your dad smokes, try to do this so that the baby cannot get smoky and cannot get into the furniture or textiles.

Changes in the bedroom

Many books deal with how sex changes during pregnancy: some want intimacy more than usual, but others want to get rid of their thoughts ... It is difficult to find a comfortable position, waking up more often at night, and after a while it may require some serious effort (such as reversing). Let us be more tolerant than usual, bear with grunt, ignore our blankets, our cushions, and be surprised if our couple occupy the bulk of the bed or snore! These inconveniences go away over time (yes, others take their places, like waking up for a baby).

Together at the exams

With few generations, it was almost unthinkable for a prospective dad to take part in exams, ultrasounds, even outdoors, or even in the corridor of the hospital. Nowadays, however, the Fathers are playing an increasingly important role, and there are even those who say they are especially shrewd! Of course, it also depends on the individual's preference whether or not the father takes part in the exams (many mothers feel like they are embarrassed), but it is definitely a good idea for a prospective mother to offer her. It may also be that the presence of the father gives him special security (for example, if he is badly wearing the color)! Ultrasound examinations are not to be missed, and a special condition can be introduced into the uterus. Not to mention arrуl that the father may also ask questions during examinations - he might even think of something his mother doesn't - and reassure him that he sees his couple and the baby to be born are in good hands.

Dad in the nursery?

Sooner or later everyone will ask if Daddy should be present at birth or, like in the movies, be out in the hallway waiting for the big prize. A pregnant baby should make a worthwhile birth plan that tells you what you want and what you want to avoid. Of course, this also includes whether or not the father wants a parent. Do not force anything! Let the mother decide! It is best to leave the request open (at least to some extent), for example, to say that whenever you are ready to enter or leave the room. However, to do this, you also need to know the protocol of the hospital chosen for childbirth, and it is worth taking part in the wake-up training course or in the entrance examination organized by the hospital. Even if you don't have a father in the room, you won't even be prepared for the baby. For example, let's have a few days off, talk to your workplace in advance, organize how to get to the hospital, plan how to bring your baby and mom home. The first stage of labor, the labor, can last up to 24 hrs (or more), and we try to spend this time together and make it as easy as possible for our mothers. Massage, stroke, let us lean on it if you want, talk to it, but if you want, keep it quiet. We are as much involved in the process as we are, as much as we are supportive, giving birth to the mother and baby - the father does not want to be in the middle right now! (Via) You may also be interested in:
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