Your job is waiting! - Get ready for the return!

Your job is waiting! - Get ready for the return!

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Now is the time to change your diapers and plush bags to high heels, work can come! Do not leave search for wisdom, tune-ups and sign-ups for the last minute.

Perfect place for her

1. Who should be with him?

If you are lucky, there are many ways to choose who to look after your baby while you are working. Prepare the paper and pen, and combine the advantages and disadvantages of each option! THE bцlcsхdйben You can get new ones for the little, full benefit, but unfortunately they can't really adapt to your spending. The barbershop is also tiny and adjusts to your schedule, but you may have asked for a peppery price. Grandma and friends, unfortunately, don't always love it.

2. Personal visit

Did you vote for your wits? Now comes the difficulty: the choice of the particular institution. Most online forums are a good starting point for information, but personal "research" is the most reliable. Visit a couple of chickens and see carefully: a happy smiling children And the good employees are good. You can also ask the people who work there or the parents: why do they like their job, why did they choose this wit? If you don't like what you see or hear, feel free to stop!

3. That particular inner voice

Have you been told all the good things about your mini-book search, but nothing else clicks? Trust your inner voice! Sometimes it is worth listening to your heart instead of your mind: if you have a bad sense of humor as soon as you move beyond wisdom, do not be overwhelmed! Female perception works in most cases, not to mention maternal instincts. Just ask yourself, "Can I picture my child here? Will he be happy here?"
Getting Ready!

4. Tale, tale, mtka

Toddlers are much more aware and aware of the things that are happening than you might expect. That's why it didn't take long for the kid to get involved in the details of the big event. A few weeks a before waking up you can tell him about the new place you are coming to. Explain to him that you will take him to the chick in the morning, but you will meet again soon. Instead of using specific dates, you can use verbatim versions such as "after breakfast or sleeping in Duluth".

5. Only positive!

Just say good things about the chick before the little one, even if you don't seem to be paying attention. Even if you were talking to a friend while your kid was playing, don't show your worries about work. You may not understand all your words exactly, but you will immediately be aware of your fears and uncertainties, and you may well take them. Tell him about lots of games and new friends, and you're sure to get your attention.

Your job is waiting! - Get ready for the return!

6. End to end

If you've spent almost every minute together so far, he did not anticipate "practicing" separation. Begin by calling a relative or friend to take care of the baby while you are away from home. Gradually increase the time you spend outside, "go away" for an urn first, and then each time for an extra hour. That way, the kid can get used to worrying about some of his other troubles, and he will soon learn that his mother will sometimes go away, but always come back.

7. Make friends ahead!

For sibling babies without a sibling, it is a great choice to stay out of the center of attention. Before you leave, try to get in touch with parents of your future comrades and organizations to get acquainted with the little ones. Community life is a whole new challenge for them, and they need to get used to the rest. It's just the icing on the cake that they play, and you can make new friends with the rest of the moms.
A new agenda is emerging

8. No escape

Even if you notice that the little one has disappeared completely, even if you notice that it is suddenly disappearing, you may end up with a panic. Always give him a shot when you are ready to go away, even if you do it. Also, add when you come back, for example, "after a snack". And once you have decided to leave, don't turn back - going back and forth will only make your child more insecure.

9. A piece of home

New people, new places, new rules - no wonder the little ones struggle with the first days of wickedness. A familiar object from home (like a blanket or teddy bear) increases your security and gives it a grip on an unfamiliar terrain. It's also a good idea if you leave one of your personal items, for example, a scarf, for "preservation" - so you can be sure you will come back for it.

10. Common Program

If you make a special meeting for the night, the little one will know that after the time spent outside, great fun for the job. Come up with a small little "ritual" that is performed in public after every day spent in worship. This can be a mean fairytale read or just a rambling, the point is that you both have a good time together and be filled with fun.

+1 Let It Be!

If you leave him the choice of the little things, you will not feel that you want to force something you do not want. Let her pack her backpack tonight And choose your everyday outfit - you can't wait to get into the ward, since his work is in the making. With this trick, you could also get off your morning rush for a few minutes.