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There is a growing popularity of early school leavers

There is a growing popularity of early school leavers

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Few children are rescued from early childhood education, which has been agreed to be useful by parents and educators.

Parents love early school leaversIn 2010, 74.1 percent of three-year-olds went to kindergarten, compared to 84.4 percent in the 2017/2018 school year. During the same period, the school attendance rate of teenagers increased from 92.9 per cent to 95.1 per cent. Theoretically, every child has a kindergarten, although there are problems with unequal distribution - requires the Magyar Nemzet to start school three years from now, but you can be excused. 2024 was your first time show with former jбrбsi the hбromйves уvodбba kцtelezettsйg sikere.A korhatбr leszбllнtбsa azйrt important to mielхbb megkezdхdhessen the hбtrбnyos helyzetы children szociбlis йs kulturбlis hiбnyossбgainak pуtlбsa, йs the iskolakezdйsre csцkkenhessenek children kцzцtti уriбsi kьlцnbsйgek. Children of needy families can get free in kindergarten.Gyula BнrуThe Hungarian Уvodapedagуgiai Egyesьlet (MУE) szуvivхje, Francis Gбl Fхiskola intйzmйnyйnek Szarvas gyakorlу vezetхje szбmolt the Magyar Nemzet arrуl that уvodakцtelezettsйg korhatбrбnak leszбllнtбsбval egyetйrt бltalбnossбgban the intйzmйnyvezetхk, уvodapedagуgusok йs the szьlхk large tцbbsйge the emelkedх gyermeklйtszбm is shown in intйzkedйs eredmйnyessйgйt . Vizsgбlatok bizonyнtjбk their children to school kйsхbbi elхmenetelйnek failures mйrsйkelhetхek the minйl korбbbi уvodбztatбssal - said Bнrу Gyula.Az Human Erхforrбsok Minisztйriuma (Emmi) hнvta to draw attention to the former hбromйves уvodakezdйs not only hбtrбnyok йs tehetsйgek felismerйsйt makes lehetхvй, but early you can also reduce your drop-out rate. According to its specialist, the effectiveness of the measure will be measured in the 12th year of this year, as early as the 12th of this year (from those who started school in 2015, ie 2024). that's almost four thousand more than last year.
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