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Being a health conscious little baby is not a walker at all. But there are people who bring controlled quality food to the house.

Providing fresh, good quality food, ensuring that the vitamins and nutrients that are appropriate for the period are all on the table - requires a lot of running, footwear and exercise. Or else. All this on the site of Your Room is now just a few clicks away and comes with a controlled quality of green, fruit, processed flesh, peanuts, or just an oily product. women were widely related, it was only natural that they would not have to take care of their everyday mothers during the last period of their pregnancy. However, the comatose beautiful tradition has left only a legend. Especially in big cities where many people have no help.
Kati Halszsz experienced this many times as a mother-in-law. And even though the profession was able to address this shortcoming in certain areas, she realized that ensuring a healthy diet was a burden for little ones. It's not easy to go to the market several times a week, picking up large packages or just cooking in the last few weeks of your pregnancy. After the baby is born and when the four walls are closed, all of this is even more of a challenge. That's why he came up with the idea to create a comma for the 21st century. century, not a friend or relative, but a trusted partner. A website and a grocery store that supplies the food you need every week. For Kati's idea was Eszter Molnárr's successful online venture, The Room for You.

It is now easy to find on the web site the Cartoon and Koma boxes, the contents of which can be varied at will. While there is an original offer that takes into account the needs of the time period - that is, contains all the vitamins and trace elements that the mother and baby's body needs - but everyone can ask for it. For example, in the first two trimesters of pregnancy (when the fetus develops bone), it is important to provide folic acid, which is why they are colored in the box. Against the development of waterlogging during pregnancy or the development of striae, they suggest slow color carbohydrates - oatmeal, dandruff, buckwheat - because they do not bind water in the body and keep blood sugar in balance. But calcium, iron, and other important nutrients are all included in the comfy box. And one thing you can be sure of is that all food (fresh vegetables, fruits, spices, marmalade, syrups, oilseeds, or dairy products) comes from local produce, seasonal produce, seasonal produce.