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Cream-dyeing during pregnancy

Cream-dyeing during pregnancy

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Pregnant women can safely paint the injuries of their hands and feet, as no harmful substances can enter the body. But be more careful when washing!

Surely every expectant mother will experience that her skin, hair and bath have never been as beautiful and as strong as she was during her pregnancy. Let's take advantage of this time. An important part of the ward is the beautiful, clean nails, which can be painted in just 9 months of pregnancy. It is good to have acetone rubbing lacquer alone if you take care.

Feel free to use patch nail varnish during pregnancy

The dense smell of acetone can easily cause nausea and nausea, especially in the first third. It is better to buy a pre-packed, detergent-impregnated blade that does not require the opening of bottles and inhales the solvent directly. It also helps to wash the varnish out of the open air or open windows. It has been difficult to cut off my feet in recent months alone. Do this job for a couple or a skilled pedicurist. Be careful with your trunks - for loading and unloading, you will have to breathe in the solvents immediately and unpleasantly. Before the birth It's a good idea to cut your hands off short: This is the most practical for newborn care, as it can minimize the delicate skin of your baby, and prevent undergrowth!
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