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Instant get - Everything and instantly for the kid

Instant get - Everything and instantly for the kid

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Haven't you let the cute brown plumper out of your shirt? Have you ever fallen asleep in an armchair and have to get one right away, so you can sleep at home?

Instant get - Everything and instantly for the kidEvery day in parenting forums, similar things to the above appear, and the roots are the same: the child likes it, I need it immediately. Another common request is when something is broken, lost, and postponed, you do not have to bother. Avoid anything, you have to move every stone. will land on the bottom with the rest - in a moment - of boredom.

Instant get - that is, everything, instantly

This concept is becoming increasingly popular in the international press. Generation Y is almost exclusively referred to as social media in the world, when we have a smartphone in our pocket and the applications on it, there is almost nothing we can not immediately find out, find out here. Because it's possible that we've just turned to a point where two processes or states start to excite each other. they want everything right away. They come to the world at the center of which they are themselves. They have no further developed concept of time, we cannot structure it. It is up to us as adults to teach them how to do it. But even if our patience is running low because we are used to getting everything right now, we do not have the patience we can do to help our children. Because it annoys us if we load a page slower numerically, if we have to queue, if we need to make money in the money. So the child wants it right away, we want it right away, and the performance speeds up and down.Kambar Annambria According pszicholуgus szakйrtх that we can fine-tune these situations it is important to legyьnk tisztбban with the processes that are full mйrtйkben the йrzйsei vezйrlik lejбtszуdnak. йletkori "Small Childhood sajбtossбg the йrzelmek szabбlyozбsбnak kйptelensйge, low frusztrбciуtolerancia йs impulzivitбskontroll. The уvodбskorъ children gondolkodбsбra small engines, mйg not he is capable of materiality, easily deceives the appearance of the surface, which is why his life is impressed. Dreams and fantasy blend in, the border between outer and inner world is very easy to see. This period is called "magic years" that focuses on the naïve, childish belief the world is the theater of magicwhich is led by the child's intentions and desires. This view of the world is very much like the magical thinking of the natural world, in the essence of which we want anything to come true. "

Help him, don't be afraid of the sex!

This period in the lives of the little ones is obviously unique and unrepeatable. It is up to the parents to help them, without destroying this miracle, to deal with frustrations. "When a child demands, verifies his or her wishes, his or her desires are found to be promptly solved, may the request arise, does the child really remain, or does the parent who has left all this matter? The parents are almost there unable to say noand the kids want everything right away. Consistency does not rule out love, in fact, research has proven that in our lives we remember positively, love and look at those who have been able to pretend to be childish, "he says.

Just nothing frustrating?

It is only natural for us to have a more childless childhood, but it is important that we be able to make a difference between what is happening in the short term and what our longevity is. "Non-frustration" means that children become anxious - the practitioner goes on, and in order for a healthy child to grow, not only love but also consistency, rules and frameworks must be maintained. we learn the boundaries of our geniusand parents need to define the framework. Failure to do so will cause a lack of control and frustration in all situations. And frustration leads to aggression and anxiety. "

Who is more important?

You also wonder who the important thing is? For a parent to enjoy their child's love and avoid conflict unconditionally, or for a child who might not even remember a little purple plastic car in two days? " In today's culture, we rather say you want to be angry. We all know that there are a lot of things in life that require self-discipline and that often comes with challenges and frustration. But if we want our children to be able to mйg practice on time. It is the job of the child to try and stretch the parents' borders, and the parents to select the borders, "concludes Annamaria Kardar.

Do you really want to fuck?

Lost, broken, rolled over, ripped out. This is the order of life, things are changing, and for the little ones, stability is important in certain things. But this is most true of the mood that surrounds them, and of our unconditional love. taking into account йrdemes the tбrgyak tekintetйben mбs aspects йs megtanнtani хket nйha let go of things. "The уvodбs йs kisiskolбs child often feszьltsйg, szorongбs, fйlelem ruled out, unable to handle йrzelmi йlete ambivalenciбjбt. Since physical йs spiritual adottsбgai, akaratбnak fejletlensйge low frusztrбciуtoleranciбja still does not allow an adult to navigate similarly in the complex world of the inside and out, often feeling helpless. It is important for a child to experience not only pleasure but also sadness, failure loss is part of life. Take it seriously, do not bag your fears, anger, and stop them from expressing them openly, "concludes the expert.

This is not Sparta!

Of course, this does not mean that we will be optimized if we keep our children cool, but it is good to think about the small decisions of the day that we can support them in the long run. And this does not mean that we should always act at every moment in order to be a life-trained little Spartan soldier, but it is important to gently and nicely direct them to teach them certain things that others will not teach them in life. This article is from Maternity Magazine. You can subscribe to the site online. Related articles in parenting:
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