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11 tricks for families with small children to have a good morning start

11 tricks for families with small children to have a good morning start

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For small children, breakfasts do not come from the yummy lounging and the bed-served coffee. In fact, sometimes the days start off very fiercely. Here are 11 ways you can tune your family in a positive way, even on a bad morning.

Have a good start to the morning Forrбs: iStockSay you have a great day! According to research, positive thoughts really have the capacity to tune in, so you can turn around a bad day. Optimism is captivating, that is to say, you are doing your best for the family.Have fun with the kids! The perception of a pleasant feeling has a scientific basis. This type of human liberates oxytocin, the happiness hormone. What could be a better way to remedy bad mood?Do not turn on the father, but on the music! Do not start the day with depressed news or the storytelling channel. Music has a great power on children and adults alike. According to a statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics, music has helped to eliminate anxiety and depression, while bringing too much television to children with hyperactivityRemember, 10 minutes into the game! Even if you want to start the day with the satisfaction of your own needs, it is worth spending 10 minutes or more with your children. If the children are happy and have a positive connection early in the morning, then they have a greater likelihood of being sympathetic to our requests.Cheer on the kids! A visual checklist can greatly contribute to the task of small children in stimulating something. In fact, such a pictogram board in a playful form helps them learn about home routines, basic requirements, and responsibilities, thus helping to balance family life.Give them freedom! For example, you can offer two or three options for dressing, and then choose your own outfit for the day. This is to guarantee that they are dressed according to the weather and the occasion, but the last thing you do is decide the right thing to do, so you will feel what matters and what you want.If they reject you, one quicker! Children's stubbornness is certainly not easy to overcome. It is often the case that the child binds the lunch to the arm, to which the adult is more and more tense in his or her truth. In these cases, it is better to step back in order to remedy the situation and, if possible, playfully dissuade the child from stubborn rejection. For example, if you don't want to get dressed, you might want to do something unusual, for example, put your socks on or try to get into your jacket. These unexpected marriages work well with children and exclude them.Let them relax! You don't always have to do one task after another to get your kids engaged. Sometimes they also need some quiet time. Research shows that one of these calmer minutes, before they are engulfed in something, has a good effect on the development of the mind.Formulate positive sentences! You can also practice positive tuning with your children. Before the mirror, like after brushing your teeth in the morning, you can also say a few encouraging mantras.Not only hand out tasks, but also praise words! What an adult's most basic thing in the world is, for a small child, is a lesson to be learned, or a superfluous task. Let's think about putting clothes on. Therefore, it is always worth watching these small acts with their eyes, and not to praise them in the rushy mornings. Honest acknowledgments have shown that they increase children's motivation.Have a minute for the whole family! If you can have your whole family together for just a moment, let's have a couple of seconds in the morning before everyone sets off for another hot day. Some support and supportive people are always inside. (Via)


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