Help me overcome your fears!

Help me overcome your fears!

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When I was a kid I was afraid of the bees, the bar never touched. Often we fear the most we have never experienced.

Once upon a time there was a bite in our garden that was unfortunately not seen by anyone, but until the end I heard the buzz of my back.
I don't know what influenced my father to feel that he needed to intervene. Maybe he said that every time he did be a bastard, I wasn't. Perhaps all your expectations were to not whine, giggle or scream in the presence of bees, and I did. I couldn't do roulette, I couldn't behave foolishly.

Help me overcome your fears!

I think there's only one alternative left to the problem: a place full of bees. We had a picnic and the playground was full of guys. They were buzzing around, flying around and playing in the playgrounds. If I had known what was next, I'd find a great deal for my returning chances.
My dad sent me to play. I'm sure he had some crazy imagery of climbing up the ladder excitedly, slipping it down as fast as I could, and starting to be magical, that bees were really nice creatures, and that. It didn't.


I begged him not to want me to go there. I could be very hysterical, which, at eight years old, also gave me a little patience with the dread I was going through. The rest of the kids were amazed at us, letting their luck star out that their parents were well-behaved.
If you are curious about it, yes, I slid it down the chute. But he became a lifelong fear. Both my grown-up and soldier-in-chief were confused about my response to the bees. The radical change was brought about by the birth of my being. I decided not to let him give me my fear.
For everything that my father had in vain for me at that time (except for that dumb adventure on the playground), I now had the right will. I needed a reason bigger than me to overcome my fear. If you want to get through some kind of fear, you probably need a better reason than "I don't want to be afraid."
The biggest moment came just a few weeks ago when we were watering flowers with my girl. A bee rolled over to the flower next to me, and despite my throat getting stuck, I calmly made a few steps down the garden and continued to paint. The bee followed me.
I felt the domineering panic, but I thought of my baby and forced myself to take another step on the next flower. The mole was buzzing and my furniture was gone. I screamed. My daughter ran to me and wanted to know what was wrong.
I told him the story about me and the guy. My eyes wide open. "I couldn't have been such a boy," he said. I wasn't always like that either. I used to be terribly afraid. Tйnyleg? he asked hesitantly.

Fighting fears

I told him the whole story. It was like when I was as big as him, and as the years went by, I struggled with it, and although I failed a few times, I always had to try again to find a solution to my fear. I'm always afraid - I said - but I already know how to deal with the worst situation - to make a fool out - with the help of that i practice the winery.
It's just like learning to read - I told her. - You start small and insist that you continue. Before you realize it, you know things that seemed impossible before. Maybe one day I won't be afraid of the bees.
Whether you are struggling to overcome or arrange to do what you love, it is important for children to see that success comes as easily as turning on the light. It turned out that it wasn't much better to have a baby girl than to have him go among the bees. The turning point for himself was that he saw my struggle. Now you can see the path of your own warbler, and with little steps it has begun. We have fun together in our development, and we are also alert when it comes to unavoidable obstacles.
It is essential to talk to our children about the life, the things that lead to our own hopes and fears;
Our children do not need to be perfect, nor do we need to believe that we are not afraid of anything. What you need is the step that will take them from what they are now to what they want to become.
You know, fear also has its purpose.
Written by Jennifer Gresham and written with permission.
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