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Fancy kid foot - How can I help you?

Fancy kid foot - How can I help you?

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The most common limb pains in toddlers and toddlers are growth pains: from dull to tender the child may experience such intense pain in the evening, when sleeping, or during sleep.

Most of the time you can't give the exact location of the pain. The pain disappears spontaneously after a while, but it can return. There is no fever.The reason is not clear yet, the pains are probably from the bone marrow, growth parts or muscles and tendons. Sure they rise when the child is just jumping in growth. It is more common in lively, anxious or upset children.Many children may be affected by growing pain If the unsteady pain in the legs continues for up to seven days without a tendency for improvement, a doctor should be consulted. Seek immediate medical attention in case of cirrhosis of the extremities. The doctor examines the child with great care to rule out other causes of pain, such as emotional distress, tape rupture or rheumatism. Growth pains are harmless and there is no need for targeted therapies.

Symptoms of growing pain

  • pains, especially in the ankle and shinbone
  • pains, especially in the evening and overnight in bed

How can a baby help?

Massage the baby's head from bottom up with gentle movements. Massage relaxes muscle tension. You can also use massage oil. Make sure your child moves a lot during the day; exercise strengthens the muscles.Sources: Helmut Keudel, Barbara Capelle: Pediatrics kцnyveAlso worth reading:
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