"My body fell after my two-speed vaginal birth" A reading story

"My body fell after my two-speed vaginal birth" A reading story

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Kitti (38) gave birth to two children, all relatively quickly, but without interference. After the second, his body was in no good condition, but he did not leave it, he turned to help in time. That was his luck.

"My body fell after my two-speed vaginal birth""At 3900 grams, my son was born in 2010, with a section of a breast, in a hurry to give birth. After a few weeks, my body couldn't recover. Then somehow I got it myself, I didn't do anything special for it. it can be a burden for readers alike. He also had no opinion, as he says, and the subsequent period, because all this was not without consequences.It felt during tampon and sex, something very wrong, but gave her body time. He was a "tool" in his hand, and soothed himself, as he began to get musculoskeletal as early as the baby, but after the second birth three months later, the group did not need to rest, add to the hopes you've visited in the gym nearby. His sex life had become unimaginable, self-contained, his complaints centered on, and he could not concentrate on his children and his family. After a cold shower and at the same time, when her husband urged her, she got the diagnosis: hьvelysйrvet He has found and has concussions and recommended surgery. "I didn't want to lie down after my traumatic births, and only had my cells and facial expressions that I might have something else. I found that, with my findings, I came across one gyуgytornбszt the county seat that specializes in these burials. After a detailed tour - an important part of this was that I had to tell all of my parents' story, which again upset me - an examination came and I was given personalized assignments. We agree that I need to do these at home, I need to check back from time to time. " besides being accepted in this process, sexual life was all about being restored, with great patience and experimentation. in the processing groupthat was a great deal of balance between the feelings they had with their children and the nutrition they had, not just working to release the 16 kilos I ran during my pregnancy, but one year after my second birth, I reached my ideal body weight, I feel comfortable in my skin, and my intimate complaints disappeared. And since then, I have found it, too, and I am infinitely happy that I didn't have to to solve my problems, we have found a solution with special forms of movement, life-changing. " the interventions, the rush do not remain without consequences, therefore, every woman should strive for a more unbridled birth. The third child is also prepared for the family: a supportive hospital environment found this, supported by a doctor, dare to go into it.
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