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Judith's Blog - Week 27No Sugar Water Only!

Judith's Blog - Week 27No Sugar Water Only!

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It was time for the dreaded mummy: I took part in the load test and unfortunately the result did not come as I expected.

I was really afraid of two things: the first was to prick my stomach with a throat, which I then removed by a genetic test, and "drink a bunch of sugar on my stomach and then put it on my stomach again."

I figured out smartly that if I went to the lab for a week, and I was nine, I could go to breakfast. It was not the amount of glucose that alarmed me, but the fact that I had to live with an empty stomach, which I was almost completely unable to, because when I woke up I used to eat immediately and even if I forget it, the child starts kicking it. Hesitant, his father's son, he doesn't like to have no food. Let's start there as I fell asleep in the first two consecutive mornings, smoothly depressed the "snooze", halfway through eight, that I had a job. On the third morning, which was just over Monday, before the surgery I faced the doctors having a birthday, Doctor Semmelweis, and just in the news and in the radio, they forgot to go to see you, men, you don't want to get a doctor dцngettek. Obviously, there are more important news about this, but I have a lot going on and I'm sure there will be a thousand people in the lab every day.
I was right. Fortunately, they were promptly sent in for the first bloodshed, and then I poured the sugar syrup out of a liter of cider, and since I had a lemon, I twisted it to the bone - it tasted relatively good. I had two ounces that I had to spend. I brought the book because I decided not to hide it so that I wouldn't be scattered around the corner or hit a polar peak. (These are the ones…) I decided instead to look at people because it is never funnier than having a handful of tranquilizers who have to do things to go to the market and / or post and jump in one throat, we're pushing ahead, we're not pushing forward! " I didn't understand! Isn't that the time, with the wits of their age, to show young people what patience is all about? In any case, I was entertained by their sound through an Urn, and suddenly I felt myself in Emergency, because another woman had quietly gone wrong and lost it. Obviously, it wasn't the retirees who picked it up, but a young boy who ran to the window in a daze to see what was going on. There was a bit of confusion, and the lab was utterly saddened, which made us even more overwhelmed. I do not go into details, half the time I was still there, getting hungry and grim. Finally, I drained my second batch of blood and went to the market. I spent the rest of the day in acute quivering, weak and faint. I was able to go find the finds the other day. The head doctor received me because my doc is on leave. They weren't good news…