Peteers excite the tower

Peteers excite the tower

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By exercising our internal and external muscles we can significantly change the hormonal state of our body.

Gymnastics can help with infertility treatment

Aviva Steiner originally considered men to be older women. To do this, he had to devise exercises that did not bother him too much, while still moving the women of different ages. To a great surprise, her lesson began to menstruate again. Younger people reported that their cycle had become more regular and less unpleasant than before. With great intensity, Aviva plunged into further training, began studying the female hormonal system, and finally scientifically proved that special exercise in some cases it can also replace hormone therapy and even surgical intervention.The lower abdomen, internal abdominal muscles and the muscles of the muscles have a healing effect. Movement increases blood circulation in a given area, so more vitamins, hormones and other vital substances get into the "target organs". Movement of the lower abdominal cavity created during exercise can also decongest the fallopian tubes, thus in some cases eliminating the cause of infertility. It can help with multiple abortions, as the exercises are good for strengthening the muscles of your lungs, allowing you to successfully deliver your fetus. Here's a video from the gym!They may also be interested in:
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