Is your child hungry all the time? It can also be caused by a rare disease

Is your child hungry all the time? It can also be caused by a rare disease

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There is a genetic disorder in which the child is almost constantly hungry, has dyspnoea, and is left speechless.

Is your child hungry all the time? It can also be caused by a rare diseaseThe ъn. Prader-Willi syndrome, despite having very distinctive symptoms, is usually only light, as it is so rare that doctors often do not even think about it. Dr. Tar Attilbolt, the Buda Endocrine Center for Childhood Endocrinology can find out which complaints are worth suspecting.

Defective gen

Prader-Willi syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that occurs in about two-thirds of cases due to a defect in one of the chromosome 15 regions. It can affect boys and girls alike, and can appear in any group of people. Because you have a genetic problem, you can't prevent it. Because one of the main symptoms is high degree of diarrhea and the resultant condition, it can cause severe heart disease such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hormone dysfunction, and infertility.

Breastfeeding difficulties, shorter wolf bear

Initially, the syndrome results in infantile muscle weakness, breastfeeding difficulties due to reduced breastfeeding, and laryngeal reflexes, resulting in a physically underdeveloped patient. Later, 2-4 years of age, the opposite happens - the child feels almost uncontrolled and is not uncommon when he goes out to eat at night. In fact, parents may have to shut up on food. The disease-regulating center of hypothalamic function is not functioning properly, so that full sensation does not occur. Of course, this can be found in the weight of the sick child, and the tongue of the balance will show more and more. The course is not only present in nutrition but also in appearance: it is characterized by almond eyes, lunar face, high forehead, triangular lips, and smaller than normal limbs. In babies, attention may also be drawn to the reduced movement in infants (it is noticeable in the fetus that the baby moves little), which is a consequence of initial muscle weakness.

Behavioral disturbances, hiccups

In the rut era, it is natural for children to be more ardent, more willing. In patients with Prader-Willi syndrome, this is even more pronounced, and the majority of cases are mentally and mentally retarded. Speech development is painful, with concentration difficulties and memory problems.

It may have dangerous consequences for the wall

Unfortunately, having a good diarrhea with the syndrome can cause severe heart disease, so children often have diabetes, a variety of hormonal problems, and cardiovascular problems. It is therefore important to make an early diagnosis, as the sooner a patient is on a diet, the less likely they are to develop the disease, says dr. Dr. Attila Tar, endocrinologist of the Buda Endocrine Center.

Growth hormone administration is the basis of treatment

Diagnosis of Prader-Willi syndrome involves genetic testing in addition to the clinical picture. When the course is confirmed, growth hormone supplementation is required, resulting in improved growth, improved muscle tone, and increased muscle mass and loss of appetite. In addition, it is important to follow a proper diet, and to improve psychiatric behavior and speech through psychotherapy and speech therapy.Related articles in this topic:
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