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With no fear of lust

With no fear of lust

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Confident, well-prepared baby who is looking forward to the day of birth with excitement rather than fear and worry. HypnoBirthing: This is the name of an American rescue program that provides courses in Hungary as well.

With no fear of lust

"The developer of the method, Marie F. Mongan of the United States of America, thinks that the little ones have a great responsibility for how they give birth, to influence and to control their pains. Schimcsig Nurra trained Hypnosis Education and Dla. The program is being developed Marie F. Mongan, granddaughter's light, with pain-free birth came to the world, so her daughter was the first "mother" of the "student" to start thinking about birth control method wider circles in distribution.

To our knowledge, harmony and a balanced (or stress-free) state can be the secret of a happy, healthy life. It is not by chance that Hypnosis also attaches great importance to this status, which may be the basis for It's a terrific birth. Harmony is important because the nervous, cramped, strained state or life stage is not conducive to the end of the term. There is no course that can solve our problems, but it can help.
"The Mongan method is based on the fact that the pregnancy has died our state of mind has an effect on birthand even the infant's lower behaviors, meaning that the baby should be able to shed light on weakness, calmness and tranquility. The study of the relationship between body and soul is a science of psychoneuro-immunology, "Nura continues." Almost a hundred words have dr. Dick-Read he described how fear can make birth difficult, and can stop the process. At most babysitting, typical baby care does not even address how stress can be reduced or eliminated in the baby room. We consider it essential for the parent to receive tangible support for this. "

No need for stress!

The program is designed so that anyone who wants to press the method has every chance of succeeding in the hypnosis of Hypnosis. Fear is the best obstacle to the birth process, so the method is based on deep relaxation, visualization and special breathing exercises. The purpose of silencing our minds is to bring our bodies into harmony and to achieve a peaceful and, at best, pain-free birth.
"The course has many parts, preparing you for the expected path of your baby, encouraging your baby's father (father, baby, friend) to help the baby, can communicate effectively with the help of the professional staff as a whole, he is more aware of the progress of the process, "says Nuru about his experience.
"Not only do you expect this advancement from the roster or the professionals, but they themselves are actively contributing. All of this means that it is much easier for a dude who has a hypnotic couple to make a few things. , but you have ideas for maintaining the most pleasant atmosphere and mood.
Obviously, everything is easier when you get help, so you can have a great deal of comfort, your health, or your massage good mood, so it's easier for everyone. "

Jolly joker

"HypnoBirthing also provides room for emotional preparation and not only contributes to (цn) hypnosis techniques, but can also be considered as a complete training course on parenting," says Nou. "The vбrandуssбg idejйn going egyidejыleg not only informбciуk beszerzйsйvel or testgyakorlбssal kйszьlхdьnk but йrzelmi-цnismereti work, gyуgyulбs well. Kцrnyezete, mъltja, szemйlyisйge everyone has Nйha elхfordul that you have already kiderьl the legelsх kapcsolatfelvйtelkor that mothers increased due to a kьlцnleges kцrьlmйny teacher has attention , requires a more personalized course.
You may be expecting your baby after a traumatic first birth, or you have a special medical condition in your back, and your doctor will ask you for advice. Perhaps another consultation opportunity will be introduced during or after the course. Most of the time this is because the Hypnosis Course is a jolly joker. "
But can we create such a relaxed state of rest and maintain it in the conditions of the Kurdish birth room? Nurra says in full measure, since the hypnosis is a craft, you can develop it from beginner to advanced by practice. They place great emphasis on helping parents find out which institution or professional is open to accepting their requests and whose advice parents can trust. These are the preconditions for successful cooperation, not only in hypnosis, but in every kind of birth.
The course is designed for Jolly Joker, but it may turn out to be a psychotherapist because of her emotional work. This is not necessarily within the competence of an instructor and certainly does not fit into the course timeframe.

Alone with us

"Hypnosis is a cooperative, non-alternative method. The philosophy of the program does not pre-empt medical intervention. This unnecessary intervention interferes with the importance of the role of the family in the very life of the public, "says Marie F. Mongan Szüla, where you direct (Celebration of life, 1989) in her book.
In the above lines, the author makes a clear and straightforward statement, and some parts of the book may raise questions. For example, in her opinion, routine exams and surgeries that cause unnecessary pain should be avoided if they do not have urgent medical advice, although it is not uncommon for a pregnant woman to make sure she is on a monthly basis.
Even though we may find it difficult to identify with the above convictions, it is still worth reading the book and the main message of the method to have a happy, graceful, natural birth to all mothers.