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Infants are also at risk from stroke

Infants are also at risk from stroke

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In Hungary, stroke is one of the leading causes of death, according to the latest data, in 2018 it claimed the lives of 11,267 people. Unfortunately, the disease does not affect the youngest age group.

Infants at risk from stroke (Fotу: iStock)

Not only is it dangerous for adults

Although over the past decades, this statistic is showing an upward trend, but with even greater caution and health awareness it could be prevented in many cases. While disease and prevention are receiving increasing attention, it is rare that Contrary to popular belief, the problem is not limited to adults.The risk of childbirth is primarily a risk to the older generation, and may be influenced by genetic predisposition, an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle, and noxious habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. That's why few people know that this disease can even occur at a very young age. Childhood stroke is defined as cases that occur between the 28th week of pregnancy and the age of 18 years.

What are its types?

There are two types of stroke, ischemia and hemorrhage. In the first case, you are brainwashed, caused by either locally produced blood (thrombosis) or circulatory fluid (embryo). In the latter case, it is the bleeding in the brain that causes the problem, when one of the arteries ruptures and the skull becomes bleeding. 70-80% of adult births are ischemic, but blood stroke is only the same. In contrast children all have the same chances of having a stroke.Although not a subtype of stroke, the TIA, the tannic ischemic attack, also carries a serious risk in children. It is a transient cerebral circulatory disorder that does not cause permanent damage in adults, but may be one of the earliest strokes. However, in children, there is the potential for brain damage, even if persistent symptoms do not indicate this.

What Causes Childhood Stroke?

Adolescent sroke can often be caused by high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes, but other causes in children are other causes. During pregnancy, and within 28 days of childbirth, placental blood can cause stroke in the baby's brain, the mother or baby has a blood clotting disorder. From 28 days to 18 years, existing diseases such as congenital heart disease or one of the most prominent types of anemia, sarcoid anemia, can be excluded. But it can also be caused by an infectious disease, a head or neck injury, a systemic problem, or a blood disorder. Occasionally, stroke may also affect previously healthy children who have not previously been exposed to the main causes.

So let's recognize childhood stroke

When an adult has a stroke, the symptoms are characteristic and identifiable. However, young children have a harder time recognizing the disease if they are still very young or are developing early, the symptoms may be mild and not detectable. Up to 28 days of age, baby attacks are common symptoms of stroke. Symptoms of ischemic stroke occurring between the ages of 28 days and 18 years include weakness, facial malaise, facial malformation, headache, and speech disorder. Symptoms of a bloody stroke include vomiting, seizures and headaches.The treatment of the disease largely depends on the cause it is chosen for. If it is caused by blood, blood therapy is recommended, but there are also cases where immediate bleeding is required, for example in the presence of sarcoid anemia.Related links:


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