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This is what a parent can do if his / her child gives birth to others

This is what a parent can do if his / her child gives birth to others

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It may seem strange at first, but it is the kid who is afraid. To deal with fear, he takes aggressive behavior in stressful situations. But what can a parent do: how can you help your child? Elбruljuk!

This is what a parent can do when their child bears others Source: iStockThe most grown-up child is shocked to see others. Anger scares and confuses parents. Even if we are aware that the child has done so because he or she is overwhelmed, or uncertain, and unable to handle his or her senses, we will still be in a state of emergency and be punished. However, punishing does not stop this behavior, but rather increases the child's fear and thus aggression. In order to stop the banter, the physical aggression must be dealt with the sensations that lead the child to the end.
  • The most important thing is prevention!
It is important that you do your child's best every day, and that you have a balanced state of mind that does not lead you to sleep. Be empathetic, inquisitive, attentive, feel safe for your child. Take all the senses seriously, even talk about the sensations. This kind of attentive and assertive background has helped a lot in not being aggressive with the child, or if we do, we'll be able to help her.
  • Take a big breath!
If you see your kid beating someone remember yourself: it's because he's afraid. Tell yourself that you are good at handling this situation and remember that you now need your understanding. First of all, go there to avoid further sporadic manifestations. Your attendee should broadcast a security statement and model domination, regulatory behavior by speaking slowly to you, you breathe in and out of tension.
  • Take care and improve the situation!
Perhaps there is another adult nearby who will take care of the grieving child, but if you do not, you must do so. Arm your child and look at the grieving child. "We are very sorry that XY has hit me. She got angry and forgot how to express it well. Let's hope you have a better time."
  • Avoid the reproach!
Help your child think empathy by explaining to him / her that he / she is the head of the other when he / she does it. But with it, do not make him a bad kid for the story. If you feel bad, it will only increase your fear. For example, you may be afraid of losing your mother's love because of your injustice, which will make you even more frustrated.
  • Look at the kid's perspective!
The kid is a little person who feels lightly overworked in today's world. You can be overwhelmed by a lot of stimuli and feelings, you can feel alone, afraid, and have anxiety just like an adult. There is a great need for careful attention and understanding to feel secure, to dare to talk about your senses, and to be able to express the stimuli that you have.
  • Shut it up!
So kind and wise, don't be punished. Inkбbb help her resolve her fear. It is very important that the child is able to name his or her senses by name and learn how to handle them with the help of a parent. Give him a chance to laugh or just laugh so that his fears can be lifted and then the aggressive behavior will disappear.
  • Do not indulge!
There is, of course, a need for the child to be aware that he or she has behaved incorrectly. But first and foremost, the child needs to feel safe, so first arrull make sure you are next to him. With this small gesture you can begin to unleash the fear of the child, which has led to aggression.
  • It's okay if you shit!
If you pulled you out of your current environment because of your aggressive behavior, and you start to cry about it, that's okay. Most of us find it difficult when our children are crying, but most of all because we cannot see the suffering. For children who have shown aggressive behavior in the past, this emotional manifestation may be particularly helpful. You do not need to talk to her much at this time, but your gestures should be spoken. Radiate that you are safe. This is not the time to remove the sensations, but rather to allow them to get rid of the tension. However, if you do not sing, that is, you have failed to capture your senses, you will most likely hit someone again when you return to the game. In this case, it is worth discussing it with your histories.
  • Tanнts!
When your child has calmed down - you may also need to look at some urn - it's worth discussing a little about what happened. Try not to exaggerate, but talk about how to handle your senses properly so that you do not hurt others. They talk about how to behave when you get close to the anger at the gamer, for example."Do you remember when you hit that little boy in the park today? Do you remember how much you hurt him? I know it was difficult for you too. I know you were so upset. Tell me what happened ..." - and then wait for your reaction. "Were you angry? Was your sandbox too crowded? Fear of destroying your tunnel? I understand why you were so nervous that you felt you should be cool. ьtйs fбj. " Ask a question: "How do you think it would be best to avoid this?" If he can't tell you alternatives, help him. You can either give me a walk or just walk around and look for another game. You can shove a pair of paws with your foot or arm your arms and give an adult a hand. "
  • Pay attention to your own senses!
We need to reflect not only on our child's perceptions and behaviors, but also on our own. Don't be afraid that your child has something wrong, and don't make yourself a bad parent. Don't be afraid of the fear that only the child wants to be tense. Be confident and know that you can handle this situation well. Do not step up, let go of your fears, remain compassionate, recognize that you are safe. If his fear is lifted, aggressive behavior will cease. (Via)


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