That's why daddy's carrying me

That's why daddy's carrying me

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At first, many men are reluctant to carry it, but experience shows that whoever has passed it, it remains almost addictive.

As the father (fortunately) is playing an increasingly important role in family life, it is almost impossible for portable mothers to miss out on the taste of their couple.That's why daddy's carrying me Recently, a summary of research on portable male science, published by the Department of Affective Psychology at the Department of Perinatal Psychology at the University of Loránd Science, has recently been published Tуth-Bognбr Borbбla, Füredi-Cselik Dуra йs Welcome to Dúra Viola Among others, it turns out that the father's portability among others it increases the sense of competence in child careand to strengthen the paternal bond. He told this page to us Kiss Anikou Porting Adviser, who thinks that especially during the first six weeks after childbirth, the baby can be of great help if the dad is carrying (because for health reasons they are There is also a kind of contact between a father and his child. "Because in most societies today, the mother is at home with the baby and the father is working, so men can literally spend less time with the child. "if the father wears them, they can strengthen the father-child relationship and make them feel a little as if we can spend time outside," Kiss Anik said, portable men can move around at home. "But if you're a bigger kid even then the porters get away with it, it's not uncommon for a father to carry a 3-4 year old body on the back, for example, when shopping or going out, while the little one is in the mother, "the expert added. Men are much more inclined towards molded carriers (like ours or buckle carriers) than in the direction of woven cloths. However, indeed, any man can learn the knitting techniques open to him, said Kiss Anikou. still laughing at the idea of ​​carrying - that there are no essential differences between men and women in the making and adjustment of cloths, it is completely unchanged in my father's opinion . Fejes Balzzs "Since I did not see an example of portability in my environment, I was therefore averse to it. However, considering how much traveling and assistance my wife had, I dared to try it myself," she said. Fejes Balzzs. He added that he had not repented, as he says, of the practicalities of fostering physical and mental bonding between parents and children. "It doesn't matter what, but it should be complete contact. You can caress, make love ... And so, of course, even a father can relax for a little while," he said.Only, mothers are often braver in carrying: ) afraid or unwilling to take their children back, they are afraid of accidents. I have never heard that your child is hurt because of this. Apply up to -7 kilos, after that the higher weight exercise comes to the stomach and internal organs, which is better to avoid. In my father, I am not so "strict", men already have the anatomy, body, body, , I support that. Let's not just think about the pain, but also whether the wearer can use his hands or see where he goes, "Kiss Anikou said. The leader of the Debrecen Carriage Club would have liked to have been more involved father came up with the idea of ​​organizing a "hurciapus" within the framework of International Baby Carrying Week. " Although there were few, but more enthusiastically and proudly carrying their seedlings. If only two men had seen them and remembered them, they would have loved them, "the expert added. to write: it is simpler, from the natural colors, to find in the palette the notes, the beasts, and even the skulls, so the sample cannot really be an excuse for anyone.
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