Cold sore inflammation in children with colds

Cold sore inflammation in children with colds

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Children often get middle or cold sore throat when the middle inflammation is not caused by purulent colds.

Symptoms of pneumonia

If the blood stream is not able to flow, inflammation is considered to be chronic, and middle flow, tympanum flow (serotympanone) occurs. This is a consequence of the infection of the upper respiratory tract. The The mucous membrane of the Eustachian vein swells, and voters are lit up in the drum. As a result, the auditory bone can barely move and the transmission of sound to the inner ear is disturbed. This can cause hearing and speech disorders. Young children are more vulnerable than older children because of their narrow and short Eustachs.

Symptoms of catarrhal inflammation

If the child has a poor hearing, the cause must always be clarified by a doctor. Good hearing is important for speech and intellectual development.Most common symptoms
  • Hearing one or both of them
  • Sьketsйgйrzйs
  • The Christian nbatha
  • How is catarrhal inflammation treated?

    Your doctor will look for or obtain swollen nasal drops. Eighty percent of the stream flows without any consequences.
  • If the flow does not go away after three months, your doctor may suggest that you remove the pharynx.
  • He refers his child to an ear-nose tackle, who removes the paracentesis by dropping on the tympanic membrane. Occasionally, you leave this lining open for a few months by inserting a tube. During this time, children should not immerse their heads in water.
  • Natural remedies

    You can give your child a cold throat syrup or drops. The home method used to relieve mucous membrane swelling is infra-redheading. Inhalation twice daily with 2 ml of physiological saline (0.9%) moisturizes the mucous membrane of the mucous membrane and releases Eustach.Here are other important articles in the topic of central inflammation:
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