Influenza: Victims are becoming more and more common

Influenza: Victims are becoming more and more common

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At the end of the past week, the number of deaths from influenza has surpassed, and the disease continues to haunt the counties of the country in Romania.

By Monday, the number of deaths from which laboratory tests showed the presence of influenza had increased to 101.
According to health authorities, the law is not necessarily heavier than last year, but it came earlier. In Romania, 130-140 thousand patients are currently referred to a physician for acute respiratory disease.Flu is spreading rapidly in Romania According to the most recent medical officer's report for the week of January 28, the number of people who have had flu-like symptoms is 146 thousand, 34 more than in the previous season. (483) In Bucharest, contagious infections in Constanța, Olt and Prahova are also spreading rapidly. Most fatalities (17) were registered in Prahova County and Bucharest (13).
The Ministry of Health has provided free emergency vaccinations to 1 million and 300,000 people at risk.Related articles about influenza:
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