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Not to mention, a pamphlet has so far been glued to the ideal male. Macsou, йrzékeny, lírai. Nowadays, a new male is the guaranteed entry point for women. They are the dad hurrying to school, playing, diapering, reading a fairy tale.

The phenomenon is still relatively new, and the structure of the family has evolved since the father is the breadwinner and the task of the women is to bring up the children and the household.
The change was difficult and slow, with the first families appearing in the seventies, where the father took a serious role in the child's activities. Probably the most famous dad John Lennon it was at this time who, from the outset, took care of his little son, Yoko Onуval He was born in a second marriage. In 1980, in an interview with Onu, they said:
She is a woman: So I said to John, I carry the kid for nine months, and then what comes next is your share. So we share the responsibility.
Lennon: Men have come a long way, and they are generally accepted to think about equality. The real changes will only come this time. I have come a long way myself. I was a pig. Umbrella relief that I'm not. There's a lot of pressure to be a "pig," a sex magician, a rock and roll singer. I don't care. Take note, I take care of the kid, I cook bread, and I'm proud of him. This is the coming and going to show you the way.

Our tasks are common

Even if he didn't bake bread, but when I was with them, the father just changed his mind. But the other boy yelled out when it came to shooting that swing. It's been a good couple of years since you don't have to swaddle or swing, but it's still natural to Woczasek Lszszlу takes part in the family life, around the kids. No wonder she's superfluous, Svyah Durra he loves to talk about what an ideal man is.
- I wouldn't use tokens or compare them to anyone. The ideal male is somehow able to describe how a woman relates to her, her attitude towards family, and children. And if I look at these factors, Laszlo is really ideal.
- We both work, my older son is in school and the smaller is in high school. There are priorities in our lives, family, vocation, hobby, and it is natural that none of us wants to sacrifice anything for our own ends.
However, this only works if you treat each other as equal partners, and here's the emphasis: my husband accepts that I have important responsibilities - not just in the family - and then he has to take on the family responsibilities. If this is the parents' task, then if it is a cost, then it is. Not loud, smirking, adding comments, but just loosely, naturally.
- I think it's important to talk about the fact that women also have a job in getting the boys involved in their child's activities. My husband comes from a traditional family home, where women do all the work at home, while men work and do out-of-the-home work. If I had followed the example, and had been a lonely warrior, would have chosen my home alone on my eight-hour shift, I would certainly not have been so busy with my life now. But from the beginning, we treated each other equally, and it was no secret that when the baby was born, the tasks would be a little too difficult.
Durra - not unintentionally - chose a job where she could express her views on family work sharing and help women make a difference. The Yuletide Foundation's Executive Vice President is trying to draw attention to the importance of the father's role in the family and how the traditional family model should be reformed.

New male, new father, resting warrior

Péter Szil psychotherapist

From an outside perspective, the change seems to have begun. The Fathers are there in the parenting class, in the nursery, in the morning in the ward, in the diaper, even so. It is also a bit puzzling why so much should be said about the topic if the men have so easily accepted the new roles. Szil Peter a psychotherapist began to address the role of the male in the second half of the seventies, one of the initiators of a network of male-critical groups in this country in Sweden. Today, he shares his professional responsibilities in three locations - Sweden, Spain, and Hungary.
The specialist is not so optimistic about the change. He seems to believe that the new male image is more of a media than a sociological phenomenon. It distinguishes three types: the new male, the new abbot, and the deceitful male.
"The" new man "is actually the same as the sensitive man," he says. - "New Father" creates a relationship with his children based on affection and affection. The "malicious man" returns to his family by inverting the tensions of his inhuman hair and devoting himself to the latter.
- In practice, the "new man" is sensitive, but it is not a little cat, so it is not the place in the kitchen. According to Hungarian calculations, women spend an average of 240 minutes a day doing men's household chores, and they don't spend any time measuring the type of household work ... This kind of male for the postmodern man: he devotes more space to fashion, cosmetics and decoration. It is more of a narcissistic phenomenon than a currency that is aspirational.
- In the case of the "new father" there is also a thorough giveaway, since the love of a child is not the same as sharing the responsibility of a child. If you look at the practice (without doing sociological surveys, if you are in the narrowest of environments), men will usually have a very specific, generally pleasing element of . Such items include the presence of a foreign currency, changing of diapers, evening baths, baby bottles, toys and anesthesia of the child. In the meantime, the stricter childcare routine continues to be almost 100% female, so we are not just moving beyond equality, but overloading women.
- Myth known to me as "The Malicious Man": I was called "the resting warrior" from the old mitology. These men usually do not return to their homes to do something with their partners or to take more responsibility out of their collective responsibility, but rather do more of their hobbies. If they take part in household chores, they will help.
Peter Szil believes that there is now a more patriarchal reorganization in the world rather than giving more equality to women. Today's Hungarian political situation unequivocally confirms that women have a place at home, in the family. Even in Sweden, which is mentioned as a positive example, this process can be observed.
But it is also a fact that the Scandinavians are much more advanced, as far as the involvement of men in the family's blood circulation is concerned. However, this requires laws and political support, as is the case in Sweden. There, in the past 20 years, not only did they talk about being good at having a father with their children, but they were able to persuade men to do just that with the help of the father. Not only do women want to be tested for work, but they have created a real family-friendly job so they can work alongside the child.

The rarest bird

The psychotherapist also talks about having good initiatives, such as the Jul-Lut Foundation, Father's Day, Father-in-the-Patient Therapy Groups, and most open-minded men. Most of the time, they also appear because of a kind of ultimatum from a specialist, where the woman stumbles, either coming to parapherapy or ending the relationship. It is in these cases that nerve-rackets are discovered that have already broken the balance of work at home.
Peter Szil, for example, points out that men have the best access to homework so that women know better. That's true, if someone's twenty years are doing something, they probably know better than the person who's just getting into it. It also comes down to telling you what to do better and reluctant to admit that parenting is a hard job.
However, Duru Sweden mentioned two aspects, which point in the direction of change. One is the kind of example we show our children. In many cases, this really encourages the man to not only be at work but also to participate in the daily life of the family. A good father-child relationship is more than just a media phenomenon, it is a true image, as a man needs such sentiments. But there is another side to things. If the role of breadwinner - family-safe - lies solely with men, in the current economic climate it is more than a source of strong stress. And then there are the statistics: the health of men over fifty is catastrophic, and fewer people are worthy of the bleak old age.
- Dirty fatherhood brings with it a whole host of social concerns: family harmony, children's rights, women's employment opportunities, policy reforms. This is where further inquiries come from. Why does every other family break up? Why are fewer and fewer children born? Why do men die at an early age and women look to their old age in terrible poverty? Slowly, everyone's interest in rethinking the roles of men and women, changing traditional masculine patterns, being an integral part of the abbey, helping women to work.