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The conditions of the great-grandchild

The conditions of the great-grandchild

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The Government Creates Work Protections for Employees of Your Grandparent Who Will Be Launched in January - Changes to the Ministry of Human Resources.

According to the announcement, the ministry submitted a technical change to several laws related to family protection to the House on Tuesday. The purpose of the change is to create an employment pillar for the grandparent's parental benefit and to state that the grandparent is entitled to unpaid parental leave for the duration of the parental benefit.Terms of the Nursing Child (photo: iStock) Throughout this period, you are also entitled to terminate your employment, and this term will also be helyzetйnek javнtбsбt йs the szociбlis biztonsбg contains erхsнtйsйt szolgбlу mуdosнtбst, which tцbbek kцzцtt tovбbb erхsнtik children vйdelmйt.A csalбdvйdelmi akciуterv keretйben the kormбny januбrtуl introduces nagyszьlхi Gyed, which gives lehetхsйget that munkaerхpiacon aktнv nagyszьlх kйtйves korбig grandchildren - twins esetйn up to the age of three - stay at home with the child if the child does not receive child care allowance.In the case of a grandparent's child, the average monthly payment is HUF 208 thousand, Values ​​and qualifying periods for retirement - Values ​​are preconditions for parents to be entitled to your child and to declare and agree with your child care right. In addition, the grandparent must be entitled to your child, meaning that he or she must be insured for 365 days within the age of two years prior to childbirth. And a grandparent can only work next to your child if the job is in the home - read the booklet.
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