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This is going to be the new song in the Blues

This is going to be the new song in the Blues

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The most recent song by Бlomutazу cнmы's family-friendly mesemusical has arrived last year.

БlomutazуkThe music, as in the previous 17 songs, is written by Viktor Rakonczai, the lyrics are written by Tamás Orbán, the song is sung by two commercials for the musical story, Gigi Radics and Viktor Varga. "We sang some really cool songs in Viktoria Varga last year in the glacier, but this is all about it now," says Gigi, who received music and lyrics in New Zealand and traveled around the world for the sake of singing. BOK hall, then about 50 thousand people attended. The play is played in a world where no one is asleep, so nobody dreams. People work 24 hours a day, the kids spend almost their entire day at school and just go home to do their homework. Artificial intelligence controls every area of ​​life, and even blinking is counted as a crime against efficiency. But the story's big one, Tomi's hot dog, starts a battle to save the dream world with the help of a zombie. The piece will be on stage again during Christmas time.The 17 songs on that gold record carrier include Andrabs Stohl, Gyula Szabu, Gigi Radics and Steve Hajdu, Viktor Varga, Zsita, Judit Schell, Iztal Falztes. The newly released 18th song, recapitulated by Gigi Radics and Viktor Varga, starring Rekhm Marcsi and Rekhm Marci, who performed two songs last year. The soon-to-be-released Blood Travel CD and last year's highly successful DVD are listed by Magneoton.