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Cervical and vaginal birth can hurt your baby

Cervical and vaginal birth can hurt your baby

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How common is it that a baby gets crippled in a cesarean section? Should parents worry about the wound? And can such a bite occur in the vagina? Utбnajбrtunk.

It was not so old public that a baby's face was accidentally cut by a obstetrician in Budapest during a cesarean section. The wound is 1.2 cm long and is still visible on the child's face two weeks after birth. The mother, who is asking for help in a public Facebook post, wants her baby's face to leave no trace of this cut. Fortunately, these were healing wounds with no lasting trace.

And where can the baby cry in the birth line?

According to data from an American non-governmental organization specifically dealing with birth defects, medical devices can cause injuries to the baby's face, head, ears and back.

Causes of cesarean section

Fetuses born with cesarean section are also susceptible to medical device deaths - read a 2008 study on the risks of cesarean section.Cuttings may occur in the range of 0.1-3.1. According to the study, cuttings may be similar in number to 0.1-3.1; and in the case of unexpected or emergency cuttings, the risk of these cuttings increases, the authors warn. The study also highlights two additional risk factors: abnormal position of the fetus and fracture of the fetal membrane may increase the risk of these injuries. However, the reason for this is that the number of this intervention is rising worldwide. Fortunately, the complications caused by cesarean section are not likely to have permanent consequences, and in many cases, tape it is enough to stick them. If you have a larger batch, then one vulnerable patch can help to ensure perfect wound closure. In this age very good wound regenerationso chances are, these murders heal without trace.

Injuries below the vagina

Unfortunately, even in the case of vaginal delivery, a single device can cause killing. If for example pliers are used, it may leave a trace of a baby on the head. Even in this case, however, the healing will be largely permanent. The tools used for the fracturing of the shell, which may, in special cases, pinch or coat the shell, may cause fracture. If there is no amniotic fluid between the fetal skull and the amniotic fluid, the baby's scalp may be injured during the procedure.