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BLW or pure nutrition? The differences are not so great

BLW or pure nutrition? The differences are not so great

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Sooner or later, every child will come to the point where they start exercising, simply refuse to eat, or otherwise express their dislike for the delicacies they find. Can these hysterics be prevented by how to begin to recover?

In addition to the traditional spoon-peeling method, BLW (baby led weaning), or snack access, is becoming more prevalent in recent years. According to recent theory, having a baby can choose how much he or she eats will make him or her less, less confident, and better learn how his or her body indicates that he or she is having fun.After BLW, it is possible to have a baby However, the results of a recent published study show that the "impact" of different approaches to nutrition is generally not so great, whether starting a feed with BLW or a pair does not influence how much the child will be interviewed.Families participating in the study were divided into two groups: BLWs only, mostly BLWs, only pears and mostly pears. Parents were asked questions about the habits of the children and how much fun the little ones were having. After analyzing the words, they have come to the conclusion that the method of nutrition and rarely use food and food as a power tool, they are not rewarded with food. This will help young children learn more about when they are fit and when they are hungry. In addition, BLW mothers generally breastfed longer and ate more often with their children. These are proven to influence healthy eating habits. The results of this research have been reported in the Appetite professional journal. (Via) You may also be interested in:


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