Are you ready for the door?

Are you ready for the door?

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"She's bored at home, she'll be better off at the door." "Why don't you give it to kindergarten, it will be so much more complicated!" When is it true, when is this not a two-play sentence?

Are you ready for the door?We often talk about school graduation, less often in kindergarten. There are situations when we can't even consider how mature the child is, we have to go back to work and we're done. But there are times when we feel that something is wrong, the day goes by, the kid is bored, but as soon as he mixes with other kids, he blossoms out and plays great. Well, of course ... It is not really the door that misses him, but that other societies, hustle, bustle, yet calm and trustworthy around the world. If she can give it to you, then that's all right, but why would you want to be with others, and why her mother is not enough? Let's take a look at how our ancestors died of rancidity before biological evolution was overshadowed by cultural development. The writing of the child's nervous system follows the ancient rhythm, so his needs also correspond to those of a Stone Age doll.

Children are always social when it comes to nature. (The picture is from the Bab - first year movie.)

Calm and bustle together

In the family, many ages were living together, the mother was not isolated from the child, they were elderly, experienced women, young people, and many children of all ages. The mother was not in one person responsible for the child's education, nutrition, development, but for all of them. There may not have been any developer games, but he watched the bigger ones and tried everything out. Usually no one was hurrying, they didn't have to get anywhere on time, no one wanted to get more accomplished, the simple instructions of education were. company, choice, movement, peace of mind, security. This is what most mothers today cannot provide for a baby when she is alone with her - especially with a smaller sibling. There are a lot of "all the way!", "Now leave me in jeopardy", "occupy yourself", "do not get hurt", "hurry up!". her mother is present, but there are countless interesting objects, children and adults around her. Mother's attention is not constantly focused, she can observe older children, try herself, and if she gets into trouble, she is helped immediately, as many adults take her away. The situation is similar in the ovine, except that her mother is not there.

The key is уvу nani

There is a lot of research on childhood stress nowadays. Among other things, this is due to the fact that it is easy to measure stress levels in children, as the stress hormone cortisol can be detected by a single arrow. Experience shows that the most serious stress factor is mother somehow separation. Naturally, this suggests that it would be a mistake to have a child ovist. But further refined research also suggested that those ovis who . So we can safely say that for a healthy child a good lady can be very good at the ovi, of course, only if the baby can be reached, so the large number of people in the group does not prevent personal attention.

Are you at Ovi?

Okay, the kid might be good at the door, but is he better than home? The answer to this depends on how well the mother feels. If mom is good, can tune in to her / her kids and don't have a day in the middle of a wall with two / three, then it can be very good at home. In fact, the best. But if a mother is not well, meaning she is constantly upset, nervous, or just depressed, it can be more stressful for a child than having to leave her for a while and in a very limited environment, just in the near future.

Time to get used to it!

Perhaps in the light of the above, there is no need to explain how important a for a kid's pace beszoktatбs. The little ones should be allowed time to love their mother in the presence of her mother, because only then can her presence be adequately supported by her presence.

What's the point of being?

In order for your child to be healthy, you need to feel safe and feel in the early stages that you do not have to be self-sufficient to fully entice your immediate adult. Just because a mother-of-a-child hangs out in ovis will not be much more flabbergasted. It is only when the ovi feels great and does not isolate or feel overwhelmed by the owl's skirt. An anxious child does no good if thrown into the water, shock therapy does not work at this age. Just for the sake of "rising up", it's not worth overturning.
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