Time as a non-existent big family concept

Time as a non-existent big family concept

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What's so much about a big family? Children's, toilet paper and paper handkerchiefs. And what's never enough? Idхbхl.

And as time goes by, we haven't lived in one dimension. Exactly seven weeks ago she cheated first, but not last. In my great family motherhood, I want to discover countless challenges I have never experienced before, only one thing that is permanent, and that is the lack of time.The truth is that I can't do anything which of course ties to my family. With five children, one can feel the weight, but when I consider the day-to-day logistical tasks that come with it, that sense is somehow multiplied. are thrown to the ground at the worst moment, disappeared, then abruptly leapt toothpicks that land on a cleanly-picked pulver; Then comes the mother-in-law box, with what seems to be the unthinkable and never-ending housework (washing, washing, cooking, eating, cooking, cleaning, healing, I'd have five minutes to m SRA). In the meantime, the world is switching to hyper-speed because it is March, so the next shift is: nutrition-anesthetic, who needs what.

Time is not a concept for people living in large families

I would say it would be more sleep, but in my opinion, no one is interested in this hand. (As time goes on, anesthesia naturally diminishes family life, but you don't have to worry about it; do not worry about the cold again.) When my eyes are on the young man who comes home from time to time, I take care of my child and feed my little one, : Don't forget about yourself and your stuff for training at home and on time. Where's my other half? It's the evening shift because the bath and dinner almost always have its surprises: it usually turns out what we should (eat) every day, do it, sign it, burn it down - it stops eating which bath, which is not, I am reluctant to rely on my sense of smell for the rest of the day. - afterwards the curtain rests: Leaning to the right, Spit to the left, on the couch we try to regain our human form until the morning of the next morning.
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