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Here you will know that your child is ready for a party

Here you will know that your child is ready for a party

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What are the signs that the little one is ready for room cleanliness?

After reading at least seven textbooks and going through different forums for days, we think we know everything about room cleanliness. However, this is not nearly as easy as let's start there every single child, and so forth. For example, the author of has only four children, and they all have a completely different attitude to the question of room cleanliness.

Feel pelus

If the diaper stays dry during the rest, it is definitely a good sign. If possible, then let us applaud and praise him the baby!

The dirty diaper is ruthless

Another sign of getting ready for room cleanliness is if your child doesn't feel good in a dirty diaper. It can be a great motivator, so this phenomenon and sensation can be used to make it easier for you to go out for a party!

If you play the game

Do you make sudden movements and pee your diaper between squirting or cuddling? Then it certainly indicates that you are starting to become more aware, and you are not feeling so well in this situation. Get to the party!

Looking for a toilet

It may sound unbelievable, but if your child becomes more and more interested in the toilet, then this would be a missed opportunity. Don't close, if you are so curious, let's see what's going on there, we will learn in principle how to do it and what to do there.

If you've been out of diapers

Don't you smell the rhinoceros smell coming from a used pelus? Can't you decide whether you are angry with diaper rash or rather upset your stomach? Well, when your cup is full, it's time to go!Related articles on breastfeeding: