Sample plan for 1-3 year olds

Sample plan for 1-3 year olds

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What Foods Does the Dietitian Recommend for Toddler Nutrition? Starting from an imaginative sample plan, moms can also easily make meals.

Sample plan for 1-3 year olds

One day
Breakfast: cocoa, brown bread, margarine, uvres cheese, radish
Tensories: banбn
Breakfast: Hungarian potato soup, turkey chop, green peppercorns, apple
Supper: milk, goblet
Dinner: Fruit tea, rye croissant, croutons, cucumber
2 days
Breakfast: milk, buns, margarine, honey
Cheesecake: fruit yoghurt, stewed chestnut
Breakfast: green soup, roast chicken leg, rice with rice, orange
Snacks: tea, brown bread, mussels, tomatoes
Dinner: vegetable stew, pork cutlet, muffin 3 days
Breakfast: milk, graham bread, popcorn, margarine, radish
Tunisian: Peach topping, Vitalinea biscuit
Dinner: turkey croutons, spinach pudding with cheese, apple
Snack: cereal, milk
Dinner: grapefruit, poultry sausage, ketchup, sweet bun 4 days
Breakfast: cocoa, rye bread, silk ham, margarine, onions
Tears: tъrуs batyu
Dinner: mushroom soup, marjoram chicken breast, colored pasta
Supper: orange, sponge cube
Dinner: tea, kefir, croissant, green pepper
5 days
Breakfast: chocolate milk, tortilla bread, bear cheese, bell pepper
Treats: Yogurt, naturally
Breakfast: green bean soup, garnished turkey breast, parsley potatoes, lettuce
Supper: milk, semi-brown bread, margarine, apricot flavor,
Dinner: snack with boiled eggs, lace tea
6 days
Breakfast: milk, croissant, celery cheese cream
Teas: muesli, green yogurt
Lunch: cherry soup, pork cheeses with cheese, steamed greens (corn, yellow rape, green pepper)
Supper: fruit salad (banana, orange, kiwi)
Dinner: sweet buns, liver cream, light cucumber, lemonade
7 days
Breakfast: milk curd, ham egg omelet, red bread
Tizzi: fruit yoghurt, Cerbona slice
Breakfast: Frankfurt soup, crispy pancake (2 pieces)
Supper: milk, brown
Dinner: Fruit Tea, Brown Bread, Paris, Margarine, Ice Cream Chips


Potato 250 g
50 ml of sour cream
Flour 15 g

Sweet-noble paprika
Oil 5 ml
We clean the potatoes, cut them into small cubes, put beans and beans in the hot water and start cooking. When the potatoes have softened, we make a light note with a little spice pepper. We add the sour cream and put it in the cookers.

Italian chicken leg
Chicken leg 1pc
Mushroom 25 g
Gйpsonka 25 g
Trappista cheese 25 g
Tomato 10 g
Oil 3 ml

The spicy chicken legs are fried in oil and put in a pan. Sprinkle on the outside with a steamed knob, chops, tomatoes, grated cheese and roast for 10 to 15 minutes.

Filled with apple
Canned pigs 40 g
Dairy beef 40g
Toy 1/5 db
Alma 20 g
Oil 4 ml
Combine the minced meat with egg, salt, peppercorns and spread on a lightly oiled almond foil to form a baking sheet. Cover with lightly sliced ​​apple rings, roll on top, and roast on the baking sheet. Expand the foil carefully, slicing it carefully.

Filled croissant
Spool 1 pc
Margarin 15 g
Paris 50 g
Milk 50 ml
Уvбri cheese 20 g

We dip the stuffed croissants inside the milk into the milk. Prepare the fillings by grinding the pan, mixing with the margarine, the inside of the soaked rolled buns, half the grated cheese and the flavorings. We fill the croissants with the filling, filter out the grated cheese and roast it on the grill.

Masabszky rice
Rice 40 g
Milk 150 ml
Powdered sugar 25 g
Toys 1 pc
Alma 40 g
Margarin 4 g
Vanilla Rod
The rice is cooked in vanilla milk. When it is almost soft, let us taste it with sugar. Mix the egg yolks with the margarine and grated lemon zest, then mix with the lukewarm milk rice. Mix with grated apple and whipped egg white and roast in oven.

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