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It may happen that our natural internal pain-relieving system - for example due to the foreign environment or lack of movement - does not function satisfactorily during periods of numbness. What does it depend on whether we can get medication for pain in such a situation?

Let's seize the opportunities!
Do you get the one who doesn't ask?
He helped me many times
Practical barriers to EDA
"Felkйszнtх the szьlйsre course rйszletesen did not beszйltьnk the fбjdalomcsillapнtбsrуl but megemlнtettйk a mellйkmondat erejйig is lehetхsйg epidurбlis fбjdalomcsillapнtбsra. Originally did not want to take igйnybe but vйgьl so elhъzуdott the vajъdбsom to the fourteenth уra tбjбn, йjjel gave up a kцrьl, йs EDA Then it came as a shock, because I chose it, except in the daytime. if I get a breathless break, or if my baby's birth is not aggravated by an unbearable kind of pain. "
K. Henriett
Henriett is not the only reader who complains about similar conditions in the letter. There are similar reports from all parts of the country, though there are births where it is no secret that there is no possibility of epidural analgesia. There are some where financial reasons are cited, whereas they are only referred to for surgical procedures, cesarean section, and last but not least, there are doctors who are aware of the impact they have on their birth process. Though unquestionable, it is not disputed in professional circles that it is the only one that has negligible side effects on the fetus and the mother. Where, however, professionals have not yet gained sufficient expertise in EDA administration and dosing, small squishes can occur: side effects, obstruction, overdose, and nowhere else.
Other pain-relieving drugs given in the form of an injection directly pass into the bloodstream, and so the fetus receives a significant dose through indirect transmission. Because of the effectiveness of the excesses, you may need to be restored after your baby is born, or may be very poor for a long time. This, in the very first days, leads to sucking difficulties. Some painkillers may cause a memory loss in the mother, so she may be unable to remember how she gave birth to her baby. Nitric oxide gas mixing based on injectable pain relief is often felt by mothers to be inadequate, and so may require the administration of other drugs. And the so-called paracervical block - which is the result of injections into the uterus - is understandably repulsive to many, and it only mimics the pain that comes from the cervix. The fear that drug-induced analgesia may adversely affect the birth process is not unreasonable, and so can the advice of a physician who is trying to curb the problem.
Let's seize the opportunities!
It is better to consider carefully before birth, what kind of pain relief options will be available to you. It is also worthwhile gathering information about this, even if we think we will certainly not require anything like this.
Ask about your chosen medical point, your obstetrician, or your course attendant, after applying the standard method in the classroom, and every year, a few newborn women take care of it. It doesn't hurt to talk about personal experience as well, since it doesn't matter what your doctor thinks about epidural anesthesia, for example.
Do you get the one who doesn't ask?
You can also find useful information in the March Association Guidebook, 2nd edition, where you can read about the local birth control institutions. The editors summarized the results of the department head physicians and mother-filled requests. Studying the abundance of data reveals where you have had a positive experience with EDA - at least forty-fifty percent of women in such institutions - but where you can get just about three percent, This is more fortunate in the sense that they are working with natural pain relievers, homeopathic remedies, and less fortunate in the fact that they are missing some of the conditions for filing. Surprisingly, in many places, even those who do not ask for it - where the response rate is twenty percent (!). It happens that you actually get the baby to work, perhaps to yell less or work better with the staff. To the contrary, there is a good example: you ask, but you do not get. Of course, this information should not be overestimated, as it may be the case that the expectation of pain in the advanced stage of the birth of the mother was not worth giving. It seems typical that eighty percent of women do not survive any of the chances.
He helped me many times
When properly administered in the right dose and properly, epidural anesthesia can help in cases where the baby is overweight, the beans are extremely powerful, but not all. In this case, EDA accelerates the process of exhaustion, the mother can relax and relax a little. It is conceivable, however, that the withdrawal period may be slightly prolonged, but by careful administration this can be prevented, and that the butterfly senses the thrush. However, it has been said that EDA has been found to be effective in reducing the size of the hind limb and to reduce the risk of having a fetal head and to reduce the number of births. Certain maternal events, such as toxemia, hypertension and diabetes, are strongly recommended for EDA, regardless of whether or not pain is tolerated.
Practical barriers to EDA
Candidate Dr. Péter Krasznai, Chief Medical Officer of Ptertery Street Hospital in Budapest, has been dealing with epidural sensation for twenty years. We are interested in the reasons why you may refuse to give birth to EDA:
- There is no significant burden on the budget of the hospital, the cost per serving is two thousand forint with the necessary tools. However, the sum estimated by the OEP does not cover the currency costs. Deciding to have a personal background in EDA is crucial. In smaller hospitals, we can only provide this option day and night if the physicians are qualified, as there is no permanent anesthetic care in the department. This is a course and practical training exercise. Many others in Peterhof have been educating themselves for years. We taught not only obstetricians, but also obstetricians, who, while not giving in, are essential to the smoothness of the delivery, to the preparation of the pregnant woman.
There is no need for special exams ("pre-registration") for EDA in healthy women, since everything important is done during pregnancy care: the blood group and the blood test.
Throughout my career, I have also met colleagues who have denied EDA introduction for religious reasons, but it is also common practice that they lack the determination and motivation to learn something and invest energy in it. It is also clear that in institutions where the chief physician considers this method to be a good thing, they create the conditions and provide staff training for one month to another. An example of this is the city hall of Nagatabad, where they have had a good experience with "walking" EDA.
The epidural analgesia is first given by local anesthesia. The spine is the entire longitudinal epidural space where the drug is applied, the hard dura mater and the ligaments connecting the vertebrae. Here you can find the nerve in and out of the spinal cord. With EDA, we break the painkillers' paws before they enter the spinal cord.


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