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Could it have been hot?

Could it have been hot?

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Your baby's diaper may have an unpleasant smell and your baby's tummy may be tedious. Vizeletfertхzйs бllhat the hбttйrben.

Why does my baby's nappy smell so bad even if it's just pee?
Infantile urinary tract infections may be the first sign of urinary incontinence. The baby is also tedious, tedious, less likely to breastfeed, but these symptoms are really common when the infection reaches the kidneys. At this point, we are talking about inflammation of the pelvic floor (pyelonephritis), which is also characterized by high fever.
It can be a serious illness, especially if it is not recognized in time. If there is no other cause for inflammation below 39 years of age, renal pelvic inflammation should be considered. Immediate urine testing is very important in these cases and, if suspected, antibiotics are prescribed. Fortunately, this occurs less frequently, and bacteria, which can be detected in the urine by proper testing but do not cause symptoms, often stick to the mucous membranes of the urinary tract. If the immune system keeps them so tight, we talk about asymptomatic bacteriuria.

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feltйtlenьl not have to deal with, however, still ellenхrizni. These bacteria are mostly derived from their own intestinal tract (such as Escherichia coli). They may enter the urinary tract from below, through the lymphatic drainage (an infectious lobe), or through the blood or lymphatic flow. Urine infection before the age of one is more common in boys and then more often in girls. During pregnancy and after the baby is born, ultrasound tests are also used to exclude kidney abnormalities, but this is always repeated after inflammation of the kidneys, with other tests.
There may be anomalies that predispose to urinary tract infections, some of which can be treated if necessary, says our expert, dr. Gyöngy Sándor pediatric nephrology specialist in the Urine Tracing Program.

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How vegyьnk urine pelenkбs babбtуl? It is important that the urine to be examined is not contaminated with bacteria on the skin under the diaper (buttocks, eyelids, blemishes). Wash this area with a suitable disinfectant solution, the easiest to wipe off with a cotton swab disinfectant.
In a sterile cup, we put "lesipis" on the baby, removing the baby's diaper - the smaller the baby, the more it pee. If this does not work, a disposable urine collection bag should be affixed once it has been properly rinsed - this should be seen in pediatric clinics. It is important that you do everything as you can, as it can result in a slightly false test result.

Baby Room Tips

Although the surface of disposable diapers is always dry, its capacity is high, you need to change your diaper frequently. In the heat, goiters in diapers enclosed in diapers rapidly multiply, which can lead to infection.