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Where are you summer? Well in the same place!

Where are you summer? Well in the same place!

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Every summer, every year, and we're not bored! Surely not what he meant for Christmas. Because year after year, a new challenge is that of a week - this is the editorial letter of Maternity in the June issue of this year.

In the open spaces of the campsite:
everyone takes care of them

The challenge is to try to get the smallest of the other year on the campsite's shady walkways so that I can snap a real, milky, hot latte macchiato overlooking the vast park overlooking the sea. One year later, we worked to get them out of the huge children's pool lagoon, hilly, sliding adventure park before the lilac frost freeze. Will two mattresses be enough for the three Marines (and me), when we know that by the day before their departure they will all be pierced in something inconspicuous. Last year we generally didn't know where they were going, we just squeezed together and looked out for each other.

Baby-friendly wonder camp

Somehow we didn't think about it because we knew all of the apartments and staff at the campsite in Iris because we had learned over the years to take care of all the kids. Real baywatch red-haired Masters watch them on the mules, two on the shores of our huge aquapark pools, cyclists carefully evade them, and escape from this paradise on the ground.

Baby-friendly beach:
we have such a quiet walk

When you go on vacation with your baby, we have often written it, the secret to success is to have your needs dear! So it's a little tricky. With three little kids, I had a need: just don't have to move out of our garden. Yeah, we can ride a bunny on the street. But how do you help them out with all the gear, bedding, food, and crossing the border? I didn't find any of my needs. Only when legyхztem a lot of parбt (хsi kismamatulajdonsбg) йs vйgtelen many Csiribiri zabszalma meghallgatбsa utбn megйrkeztьnk the csodakempingbe, whose every moment lenyыgцzцtt the tisztasбga, szervezettsйge the vendйglбtуk цrцk tьrelme йs retired, the magбtуl йrtetхdх bababarбtsбg, then I йszre that yes, that's what I ended up doing. Since then, we have become more aware of our needs and have become a little more daring: let's have our holiday on the green, ride our mornings on the lush beaches of the lagoon, let's get out, spend every minute of the day. If you know, over the years, she has become a pregnant mother-in-law, just because she was interested and believed what I was saying.
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