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5 Tips for Your Child to Love EnglishPractical Tips for Playful Home English

5 Tips for Your Child to Love EnglishPractical Tips for Playful Home English

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All parents want their child to speak foreign languages ​​with ease and without discomfort. English was the main language because it was a world language. The simplest practical tips will be shared with us by Melinda Fürsz-Mayernik, founder of the English Guide program.

5 tips for your child to love English

Nowadays, we are struggling to survive without this, as in a simple foreign travel, we need to understand at least a basic level. too. There is a lot we can do for parents living in Hungary who are native speakers of Hungary, even if we do not speak the language at all, even if we do not speak the language.

1. Let's give a positive example!

Because children they learn with imitation, they do what adults see, so it is very important that you have a good example in front of you. This means that if your child sees that we ourselves use English, even at work, for our own enjoyment (we read English, listen to English speakers, and watch English movies), then they also come to this they will look at it as English as a communication tool, a good guy, the parent of the public.

2. Listen to English proverbs, songs, slogans together!

According to the age of our child, we can listen to English songs and popular English slogans, which are close to the child's interest. We can get rid of it unnoticed basic mother tongue, grammatical structures.As for the acquisition of the mother tongue, we make from these treasures to our child, let's write words and songs in English! In the case of English slangers, it is worth finding their lyrics, listening to them in their ears, finding unknown words in the dictionary, and trying to compose the song in its entirety, not translating it one sentence, concentrating on the content!

3. Let's sing and move in English!

As Eastern wisdom says, "What I hear, I forget what you see, I remember what I do, I know." One of the most effective ways to learn is to knit together what you learn. This is the so-called multisensory learning as we try to involve all the senses in the process. There are plenty of English kids' games and games to move around: applauding, fluttering, pointing at the action, and body names and activities are easily spelled out in English.

4. Let's read stories and movies in English!

In the correct pronunciation, tales and movies are very useful besides native songs. If you are not sure how to spell words correctly, you can watch English instead of reading, and even watch movies with your older child. If you decide to do an English movie, you should also turn on the English subtitle so that the pronunciation, along with its pronunciation, is spoken. You can pick up the basic heartbeat and grammatical structures from foreign language tales, movies, unnoticed.

5. Use more of the language! Let's talk, let's play, do English!

Your child will be best able to speak a foreign language if he / she does not use passive methods we use it actively, we communicate in English in real life situations. You can embed language into games, for example, play memory games or hangman games in English, or create a playbook for practicing the language. We can provide a topic for which words must be collected; There are plenty of online games to practice the language interactively. The most important thing is to naturally try to love the language with your child, just as we give it to our mother tongue. Let the English playtime be both fun and liberating! You can find the author's blog here.


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