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An unpleasant consequence of nasal congestion

An unpleasant consequence of nasal congestion

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You may have a shorter or longer-lasting nasal congestion. The causes and treatment of the disorder and discomfort dr. Fülöp Gyцrgyi's ear-nose tip, audio, the doctor of the Füll-nose tip center was consulted.

An unpleasant consequence of nasal congestion

It's the job of the nasal cones

There are three nasals in the nose, that is, the lower, upper and middle nostrils. Their primary function is to warm, moisturize, and filter the air they breathe. The nasal passages are located on the upper part of the nasal passages. The capillary network of the nasopharynx is abundant, e.g. Inhaling cold air causes the blood vessels to swell, thereby warming and humidifying the air, and swelling of the mucous membrane.

Nasal congestion = nasal drip?

Nasal cones are extremely easy to resize, e.g. inflammation, allergies, changes in hemorrhoids can swell rapidly. In this case, we are easy on her. lozenge for nasal drops, which can be obtained without a prescription. They exert their effects quickly, creating a feeling of irritation, so that the swelling of the mucous membrane diminishes rapidly, but unfortunately, it can also be erased and its effect can be expected shorter. As a result, dependence on these agents can easily develop, but worse, they also cause long-term nasal congestion.

Causes of persistent nasal congestion

In addition to allergies, nasal drip problems are very common, but we should not forget the irritable irritation of the mucous membrane of the mouth! It's worth thinking about life, work, he says dr. Fülöp Gyцrgyi lilac, nasal, auditory, physician of the lilac-nasal center. Reflux, working with chemicals and paints should be considered eg. also loads large quantities of pollutants on the nasal cavity of bicycle runners!

Effective help in case of persistent nasal congestion

Months, years later, you can't wait to solve the problem once and for all! In my experience, a hasty surgical intervention, which means reducing the size of the nasal cavity, does not usually have long-lasting results because the chosen cause is not eliminated, warns dr. Fılöp Gyцrgyi.It is important to have a preliminary medical history, examination, because if we settle the selected factors, we can get more lasting results and may avoid a surgical intervention. Medicines used to treat stomach acid overload, appropriate antiallergics, and avoidance of irritants can be eg. successful treatment.

Instead of a steroid-containing nasal spray?

The use of these can provide a solution for up to several months in addition to the known allergic indications in the case of chronic inflammation of the pancreas, chronic swelling of the epidermis due to their anti-inflammatory effects. If approx. Regular use for 3 months does not solve the problem, then it may be advisable to have a surgery that is smaller due to enlarged nasal cones. Interventions can be performed with local anesthesia, including radiofrequency surgery, but may not necessarily require medical intervention. Other methods may include shelling. Unfortunately, after the operation, uncommon symptoms are reported, also known as "empty nose syndrome" or short for "empty nose syndrome" (ENS).

Symptoms of ENS

Following surgery, nasal congestion disappears, the patient is re-breathed, but during the procedure, the mucous membrane is damaged, the healing process can be paralyzed, so in the following days
- the patient feels the air they breathe is cold and dry,
- slight nosebleeds,
- rhinoceros,
- It feels like you breathe "too much" air into your nose with every breath,
- headache, heartburn,
- transient sense of smell and sensation of disturbance,
- sleep disorder.

How can ENS be handled?

Regular use of sea salt water spray, as needed to eliminate glands, is recommended during the post-operative period against the rhinoceros. Also, do not forget about the internal hydration, drink plenty of fluids! Nasal oils cannot absorb, just cover the surface, so they are less likely to be used.If our complaints do not improve in weeks to months, we should definitely consult a specialist. In order to avoid ENS, it is recommended to perform an FN examination and treatment even in cases of nasal congestion.Related articles on nasal congestion:
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