Rare: Remember what it was like to be a baby

Rare: Remember what it was like to be a baby

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Have you always wanted to know what it is like to be a baby? How much is your bite really true? And what does breast milk taste like? Find out now!

What do you think or feel about a baby? Find out now!

Rebecca Sharrock has a special memoir. The 27-year-old woman is called He was born with HSAM syndrome (a high degree of autobiographical memoir), you can remember it from 12 days onwards! Rebecca lives in Austria and is currently working on her book, which is about an extraordinary, super-mammal. In the meantime, check out some interesting answers to your requests! Ever wanted to know what your baby thinks or feels? Then read on! What are the happiest memories of the first few years of your life?I was 3 years old (and two weeks old) when I woke up to a beautiful, sunny morning. My mom told me to go quickly to the living room because Santa was here. I had no idea who Santa was, but since my mom seemed very excited and happy, I thought this might be a good thing. I found a bunch of new games in the living room and jumped in my head because I said all of them. Later my mom and grandparents called me to the garden, and there I was waiting for a new swing. For the rest of the day, I just wanted to rock.What's the first thing you remember that was really bad? I was 18 days old when I started waking up. Many times I thought about taking my mom away from me. I couldn't make a difference between my dream and my faith, so my dreams were very scary. Since I couldn't speak, I just cried and made my mother be with me.Did you find it difficult for adults to tell you what you want?Before I could speak, I had a hard time expressing my feelings. For example, there was a plush Minnie mouse figure I got when I was one year old. I didn't really like it, I was afraid of it, so all I could do was hurry, sometimes give it to me to play it and throw it away. The same was the case with the horrors. I felt helpless because I could not make a difference between dreams and the currency until I was 3 years old.Remember how you learned to speak? And how sensitive was it when you broke your teeth? What is the taste of breast milk? How did you kill the room cleaner?I've always listened to adults talk very eagerly, so I couldn't wait to learn how to speak. Toothache was very uncomfortable for me when my teeth changed, it was like something was constantly pinching. He was very annoyed. But I really loved the toothless gel applied to my teeth! My mother was breastfeeding in the first few weeks, but I had to get formula for medical reasons. Really, I really liked to drink the formula out of glass, there is not much difference between breast milk and the taste of the formula, the formula is slightly thicker and tastier. I had no problems with room cleanliness, but I quit the pelus, which, in turn, was interesting every time I pee in the pool, my mom cheering and praising. I didn't like the toilet, I was afraid of falling in the cup.Do you have any helpful tips for parents?Little kids cry at night because they're afraid. They think badly, are afraid of losing their parents (especially their moms), and they want to be with them. Of course, this is not always possible. What it cost me is a baby I could sleep with at night. He symbolized my mom, made him feel safe, and from the moment I got it, I didn't yell after my mom for a night. What's important is what they hear and how they feel from the first moment. That's why it doesn't matter what and how they are told. (HSAM syndrome was discovered 11 years ago by neuropsychologists at the University of California. the relationship between conscious and subconscious thoughts is much stronger than that of the average person.)They may also be interested in:
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