This is the two biggest anemia in children

This is the two biggest anemia in children

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By the time children reach the hunger age, they develop vitamin D and iron deficiency in fire for seven weeks. However, getting involved requires the child's immune system.

This is the two biggest anemia in children

The majority of parents over the age of one pay less attention to vitamin intake. The consequence of this is that They have 10 kids out for a week Vitamin D and iron deficiency develop. Entering the community burdens the immune system of the little ones, doubling the number of sick children in the first weeks of September. with nutrient intake, exercise and vitamins there is a lot we can do to make sure that getting involved doesn't automatically get sick. In addition, nutrition in infancy also affects the health of adulthood. Vitamin supplementation is important in fetal age, influencing the growth and health of young children. Maternity nutrition, smoking, stress, obesity, and environmental factors all play a role in development, especially in the first 1000 days of life.Important parents have a role to play in nutrition as to the health condition of their posterity. According to research, boys whose father had smoked early had a higher body mass index by the age of 9. Pregnant women with proper nutrition have a long-lasting effect: they can prevent the development of baby diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or obesity. However, a recent study has shown that Out of 10, only 4 expectant mothers change their scheduleand even few people pay attention to vitamin and mineral supplementation. Fetal growth requires more calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, vitamin D and B vitamins. The need for iron and vitamin D is very important not only during pregnancy, but also after the baby is born.Experience in Relocation it takes the immune system of children into use, since it is linked to a number of foreign viruses and bacteria. It also seems that in September the number of sick children doubles. due ъjbуli fertхzйsek rцvid idхn belьl megismйtlхdhetnek it is important to consciously szьlх kйszьljцn this idхszakra, йs the йletkornak megfelelх vitaminszьksйglet fedezйsйvel, valу the right kйzmosбsra nevelйssel and kiegyensъlyozott, vitamindъs йtrend biztosнtбsбval felkйszнtse child szervezetйt the kцzцssйgbe lйpйsre. "- said dr. Gyula Velkey, the president of the Hungarian Pediatricians Association, Children are most often infected with vomiting, diarrhea, urticaria, cold sores. It would be appropriate to wait for total healing before releasing the child to the community. Prevention would also be important: today in Hungary, children are most often affected by two anemia, this is vitamin D. However, both of them play a role in the immune system. The main reason for the lack is that half of parents quit after one year Vitamin D supplementation. "Some of the vitamins and minerals that the developing body needs can be supplemented with a varied and vitamin-based diet, but it's important to keep an eye out for the first 1000 days of your life." Vitamin supplementation and thus immunization can suppress and relieve diseases.

How Many Vitamins Do I Need for 1-3 Year Olds?

Vitamin A for 400-600 micrograms daily,
Vitamin C to 50-75 mg daily,
Iron from 7 mg daily,
Vitamin D for 400-600 IU daily,
Calcium bolus to 500 mg daily
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