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Dad, I love you!

Dad, I love you!

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First, with a smirk, a laugh, then a silky smile, and then a mischievous wink, the little father tells me I love you. As the years go by, you may run out of naps, but the need remains: be with me!

More and more news is being heard about childbearing fatherly babies, parenting programs for parents, and parenting courses.

The drawings are not lying

With the flare-ups in our world, the career and reconciliation of privacy. In this area, the Joull Foundation, whose director, Katalin Kevehzzi, would like to point out that the presence of a man, a mother, and a father, is equally important in the workplace and in the family. So far, we have mainly talked about helping mothers to keep their jobs or return to work. But where are your dads? Nélkьlьk won't work!

I want Dad to take care of me when I'm sick

Previously, a cartoon was announced "My daddy" cnmmel - says Katalin. - The incoming jobs cost a lot. Most importantly, the love of drawings radiates a great deal of love. So let's face it, these are probably unspoken words, parents don't even know what's going on in the child's soul. If you also read the titles of the drawings, your heart will collapse many times children draw their arguments instead of the currencyhow their dad thinks in his fantasy: "I want dad to take care when I'm sick" or "Dad buy me a dude", "I want dad to play sports". Only a small part of the drawings are seen in the role of father in caring.
Rather a games, fun, holidays those where they are present are barely, and if they are, in the weekdays, drawn in a tiny shape - even though the subject is "my daddy." We have received countless single-sketched, dog-walking, reading, dead-looking daddy sketches. This does not mean, of course, that every father lives his life on the periphery of the family, but it is certainly a warning sign: many children see it, they live it.

Your dad

- How's your dad? Bad request! a friend said when I asked him to answer. Then he added: - Every father is a father who takes care of his children. Who is this, who is this.
Catherine Kevehzzi's opinion is similar - There is a father who tells and enjoys the story, the other loves to play it, have it with his child, and with all his heart, confidently beside the sick. For many, these things don't work, but they do. There is no general recipe for what a good father should do, nor can we rely on what gender roles do, as we are increasingly losing sight of: women and men between men and women sometimes have a higher degree of privacy than men and women. It's up to everyone to grow up with what they are capable of doing and what they want to do. It would be up to society to accept all of this and give it a currency of choice, such as flexible working, job sharing, and longer paternal leave.
Although, let's face it, the majority of Hungarian fathers are still does not take full advantage of the opportunities available. She could take sick leave, take extra days off after her children, paternity leave, get pregnant, not live with her. This is not the case in Scandinavian countries, where the division of parental responsibilities is natural for men. Both women and men are terrified of this situation, and in many cases women are more conservative. And they raise sons who have similar expectations over time for their couple.


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