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To say or not to say? - Medical and maternal eyes on the nose

To say or not to say? - Medical and maternal eyes on the nose

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Because the little ones still can't make their own nasal passages, nasal discharge seems like a self-help solution, but are we really doing the best with it?

With the arrival of the cold time, the cold period begins, when different coughs, abscesses, and runny nose come together. We consulted an expert on the topic and also asked what the most popular and the most professional nasal cleanser on the market is. In Hungary, for example, we consider this method to be almost natural, but we are moving westward when we talk about it. To alleviate the doubts about nasal discharge, we were asked, Dr. Yus Valeryta Rуbert Kárroly Private Hospital Children's Fül-Nose-Geysse, what is really the case with nasal emasculation? " infants may not breathe through their mouths. Learn the Intensity and Technique of Rhinitis by 5-6 Yearsso that we can cook their entire nasal passages, it is our job to help them keep their noses clear "- emphasizes the doctor. then the market today web link you have already szбmtalan vбltozatot everyone megtalбlhatja legideбlisabb йs practice of child szбmбra vбltozatot. a rцgtцnzцtt mini felmйrйsben kйrdeztьnk tцbb than 10 йdesanyбt at arrуl which eszkцz your favorite йs Why can. Maximum meglepetйsьnkre almost egyцntetыen the legegyszerыbb, drogйriбkban also kцnnyen beszerezhetх a small plastic structure that can be connected to a powder coating has won.For many children, I was really happy about the nose. "It was very important for me to cleanse the nose professionally and very thoroughly. I knew this was one of the most important things I could do to avoid events, "recalls Angola, who had been fighting for two years, expressing his hate for the nose, but often for his sick child. they are sick, but they do not connect their mouthpieces: "I use the simplest nose you can, with "- meséli the mother of two children. The nasal portraiture and the practicality of Jews are also very common in choosing this version: "I think it is very important to have voters. I do not store the dust, so the need for nasal discharge is too high every day. It was important for us to have plastic material when choosing our nose. Since then, it has been proved many times that we have made the right decision. Often leejtjьk, where your children are, where we szьlхk. "Megkйrdezetteink kцzt course there were some who kьlцnlegesebb, pйldбul tap eskьsznek szerelhetх orrszнvуra or elхrelбtуan vбsбroltak a mellszнvуt the csцppsйg йrkezйsekor, which can be hasznбlni also orrszнvбsra." Kiprуbбltunk Tцbbfйle orrszнvуt also but we're finally a mounted on tap, glass version made the most. I like that by adjusting the strength of the tap, I can set the power of the small structure very well, and since our washer even to the benefit of the bartender version, he says it's not noisy, so the little ones keep away from him.The nasal chart offers many other alternatives, of course. small, battery or battery powered even though they have weaker power, but this is offset by the fact that they can be deployed anywhere, less noisy than the dusty version, and really very practical to take with us everywhere. larger electric noses - like inhaler or motor versions - they are equivalent in their efficiency to the variation in dust. Some structures are adjustable in strength, so they can be easily adjusted to function with just a few weeks old baby or a 4-year-old child. hand-to-mouth swing never gets in the way of electric swinging"Emphasizes Dr. Júsa Valárria." After a cripple seizure, an electric inhaler went into the household, and we discovered it was suitable for nasal discharge. We love it very much because it is not as drastic for us as it is, but it is very effective. Cleaning is not the easiest, but can be done. We bought this product after the first penny, leaving the house in the first pharmacy, "says Anna, whose two little sons desperately want a nicer solution. For example, the hygienic importance of structures is of paramount importance. "From a hygiene point of view, it is fortunate to choose a type that can be cut into pieces. If the device cannot be disassembled, sooner or later a mushroom will settle in the long plastic tube, only with thick patience can you remove it from the nozzle head. It is very important that we thoroughly wash and contaminate the nose immediately after use: this can be done with some products, but also with a possible infectious solution, "he says, it is worth performing the critical operation. "If you have a lot of nasal passages, you should first shut it down. If it is very dewy or dry after awakening, then first add seawater solution the little nose. Next, let's use a non-prescription nasal spray for children, then wait about 5 minutes and then refresh with seawater solution, which loosens the shrews, and drains it like that. The nasal spray helps the nasal mucosa to shrink and expel blood from areas where the swollen nasal mucosa would not allow. It is important to note that a never hold the heart above the midline to avoid eradicating the nasopharynxbecause we can produce blood this way. And, if pressed very deep, we can push it down to the lower nasal cavity, which can even cause bleeding, "says your doctor, Dr. Jsa.